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Winter Jewelry Match

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Winter Jewelry Match

During this period, the weather gradually gets colder, and light snow is a sign of the beginning of cold. Winter is coming, and then love the beauty of the girl will wrap themselves up. But, ladies, do you want more? Can you give up your beloved jewelry for grace? The answer, of course, is no.

The world of winter with black, white, gray as the keynote, winter jewelry collocation, color is particularly important. The choice of jewelry can be biased toward warm colors, with warm colors of jewelry to warm the gray winter. It can also make you the brightest star in the cold wave army. In THE cold wind, EVERYONE IS wrapped like ZongZI, the EAR as one of only a few skin areas, must be good use.


Earrings not only flatter your face, but also add color to your outfit.


Winter jewelry close-fitting belt, not only show the heart cool, thick clothes also hide the beautiful jewelry. Why don’t you just put it on the sweater, sweater on the bottom, jewelry on the top. Avoid direct contact with skin to increase comfort. At the same time, he can show off his wealth quietly.


In winter, the color of clothes is mostly black and gray, and the color of clothes is relatively dark. The jewelry should be selected with contrasting colors, such as platinum, diamond, rose gold, gem… The color is bright, wear in the most conspicuous places such as ears, fingers these parts, both bright and generous.


Choose some watches and bracelets for matching decoration


Nowadays, there are more and more ways to match jewelry, from hats, scarves, belts and even shoes. But small make up to say, no matter how collocation must pay attention to details oh


The color of winter outfit is more single mostly, the routine that brooch saves a scene even the boy got. Why don’t you use it now? Brooch is one of the commonly used ornaments in modern society. It is pinned on the skirt to reveal the user’s good figure or status. Usually western ladies attend formal occasions, will choose a brooch to decorate their dress.


Necklaces and earrings are fine, as long as they are not simply repeated, such as metallic textures, bright red colors, and strings of pearls, all of which can directly enhance your unique glow on a tightly wrapped winter day.


If you want to be stylish and tasteful this winter, the right jewelry style and color match will win you half the battle. If you are interested in wholesale jewelry sold by the kilogram, it is better to find out through Jewelrykg.

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