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Why wear a brooch

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During the transition period, many people always feel that they have no clothes to wear. In fact, we can consider using brooches to embellish them, so that every old clothes in the wardrobe can be refreshed. We don’t need too much decoration, we just need to look in the mirror Find your favorite position, and just buckle up the brooch firmly, so that we can decide our own style. Many people don’t know why they wear brooches, so why wear brooches?


  1. Decorative clothes


One of the natural reasons for wearing brooches is to decorate clothes. Many of us will attach a brooch to our clothes, and people will do that after they get the brooch. But different numbers of brooches have different effects when worn on the body. For example, we can wear multiple brooches on the body and have unexpected effects. A basic sweater, we can attach two rows of brooches on it, and the basic sweater will be transformed into a new sweater of the season.


  1. Easy to change clothes


In addition to beautiful decoration, wearing a brooch can also be easily changed. For example, our shirts, T-shirts, and dresses are too big. We can use a brooch on the back to close the waist, which is convenient. Simple, yet beautiful and chic. For some simple and oversized clothes, you can pinch some beautiful folds by yourself, and then fix them with brooches. This way of changing clothes can be stored, retracted and changed, so using brooches to change clothes is really fun, and many people are Use the brooch like this.


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