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Why Startups Require Staff Augmentation Service Offering

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IT Staff augmentation services

Outsourcing talent is not something new. For more than two decades, businesses rely on IT outsourcing services to collaborate with efficient and expert professionals. It’s a trend that appears much more cost-effective and efficient for startups to transform an idea into a successful reality.

In 2022, the success of your startup organization depends on a fast turnaround to market with your result-oriented product. And, that too before your competitor brings first at the marketplace.

Thus, to ensure fast development of a website or an app, rely on the fast-track assistance of IT Staff Augmentation Services.

Staff augmentation for startups strengthens the overall project idea by providing instant technical assistance. It could be whether on a remote or in-house basis. For a better understanding, staff augmentation is a fast-track hiring model for companies to get technical assistance on a short-term basis.

You must be thinking, “Are staff augmentation and tech outsourcing services the same?” Well, the difference lies in the hiring model. You dedicate the entire IT outsourcing software development project to an external team of professionals and get the product ready in a stipulated time.

On another side, staff augmentation helps to get the required tech talent urgently and include the same in your existing team.

Why Staff Augmentation for Startups?

Augmenting an external technical specialist can help boost the working capacity of your newly started organization. It allows adding the necessary tech expertise to fill in the gap within the existing team. Ultimately deploying software development projects well in time.

Moreover, it is cost-effective for startups to acquire talent from the staff augmentation hiring model temporarily. It helps save time and effort spent on the lengthy talent screening process. Find a sincere and dedicated developer, designer, tester, or technical expert within the shortest time frame.

Benefits of Relying on Staff Augmentation for Your Startup

For startups, releasing a product or a new service is attached with a certain level of risk. You must consider quality, timeframe, and seamless functioning. Staff augmentation is a feasible service for new companies to overcome deployment issues along with experiencing manifold benefits.

  1. Fast & Cost-Effective Hiring Model

Hiring flexibility and affordable skill intervention are two areas beneficial areas for startups. Staff augmentation service provider allows you to choose a preferred tech talent from the available pool of sources. No need to undergo a lengthy recruitment process covering searching, hiring, onboarding, and training.

Usually, staff augmentation vendors find a reliable developer, designer, or engineer matching your project requirements. For more budget savings, you can prefer to work with remote-based augmented staff, specifically dedicated to your project.

  1. Hire High-Level Experts with Ease

More and more companies, including startups, rely on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. Sometimes, you need to have a highly experienced tech specialist on your team to drive a particular project.

One of the significant advantages of IT staff augmentation is catering to high-level expertise. As already mentioned, SA vendors have an available talent pool covering major technologies and frameworks. All you have to do is ask for the required professional assistance and hire temporarily.

  1. Control Over the Development Process

Apart from IT outsourcing models in which you have the least control over the development process and operational effectiveness. It’s not something with staff augmentation. On the contrary, startups have full control over the project’s success, monitoring, and looking at the project’s flow with no intervention. It allows you experience complete transparency on a minor to a major software development project with ease.

  1. Generate Fresh Ideas Out of the Box 

In the dynamic working environment of your startup organization, there is always room for improvement and fresh ideas. Unlike your in-house team, get a new project perspective from the eyes of augmented staff.

Staff augmentation employees have rich experience while working in collaboration with different enterprises, teams, and expertise. They can look at your product idea, and implementation, and even create a strategy from an out-of-the-box perspective.

  1. Flexible Way to Deal with Market Fluctuations

Another substantial importance of relying on staff augmentation for external resource hiring is flexibility. This cooperation model allows you to scale up and down the team without any hassle. Change the team size as per the project needs and market fluctuations. For a fast-paced working environment like a startup, flexible hiring gives a competitive edge and enhances product quality.

Concluding Thoughts

In the contemporary world, the demand for the required IT expert skills comes handy and instantly for startups with staff augmentation. Using this hiring model, get the required technical expertise to enhance the team’s flexibility, speedy project completion, and competitive advantage.

So, if you are ready to rely on the staff augmentation model to hire resources, OrangeMantra is here to support and provide the required talent.

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