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Why Should You Use Red Dot Optics for Your Guns?

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A red dot sight is an electronic sight with no magnification, commonly used on rifles and handguns. These sights use a red LED to project a reticle on the lens, which creates the illusion that the reticle is directly on your target. Before the red dot sight became popular, most guns used iron sight, which is prone to more errors.

The red dot sight is extremely popular among the military, competitive shooters, and hunters for its accuracy and effectiveness. If you are still unsure about red dot sights, here are some reasons you should definitely use them.

1- Allows you to use both eyes

Unlike iron sights, red dot sights allow you to use both your eyes while aiming. Having both eyes open will help you maintain situational awareness and a full field of view. It also helps you keep both eyes on the target. Moreover, having both eyes open is much more comfortable.

Therefore, having a red dot sight on your gun is great for self-defense situations where you need the maximum possible awareness.

2- More accuracy

Red dot optics improves accuracy significantly. When aiming with an iron sight, you need to be aware of the focal planes to aim at the target properly. However, with a red dot sight, the dot is on the same plane as the target so that you can aim more accurately without error.

Moreover, with iron sights, you must close one eye to aim, which can often significantly reduce accuracy.

3- Good for low-light situations

Iron sights are only useful if there is enough light and you can see everything clearly. Although some iron sights may be illuminated with fiber optics, it is still not enough for low-light conditions. However, the bright red dot on a red dot optics is always visible, regardless of the lighting condition. So, you can easily use it in low-light situations with great accuracy.

That is why the red dot sight is a very useful tool in self-defense situations.

4- Faster target acquisition

Red dot sights are extremely good for fast target acquisition. With an iron sight, you have to align at least 3 points to aim at the target accurately, whereas a red dot sight only requires one point. Of course, practice is extremely important for fast reflexes, but having good optics like a red dot sight can greatly improve your speed.

The bright red reticle attracts your eyes instantly in any lighting condition so that you can aim a lot faster at the target with greater accuracy.

The bottom line

Whether you are practicing with a rifle or a handgun, a red dot sight can greatly improve your accuracy and increase your speed, so there is no reason not to use one. Moreover, the red dot sight offers an extremely long battery life when it comes to electronic optics in Canada. So, it’s a very reliable accessory to your gun.

Now that you know why red dot sight optics are so great, are you ready to get one for yourself yet? Buy the best red dot sights and other optics in Canada from Rangeview Sports today to get started.

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