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Why is it always better to use soy wax melts? Here are the answers

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You all have heard about scented candles. Candles add a warm and welcoming ambiance to a room. It becomes more important if you are having pets in the house. When talking about fragrances, scented candles are something everyone thinks of. However, there are many more things that create a fragrance in the rooms of the houses. 

They are wax melts, and among the wax melts soy wax melt is the best for your home. Soy wax melts are much healthier than paraffin wax candles, as they are being made from a natural source- Soya bean. There are other reasons why you should opt for soy wax melts. Let’s see how

Why should you use soy wax melts?

Now, in the time of hardcore competition, most of the candles or melts are made up of paraffin wax which creates pollutants in the air. Soy wax melts are a healthy alternative for your home and environment compared to paraffin wax melts. You can say, now they are the best option for your home fragrance. 

Safe and non-toxic

One of the common concerns of using paraffin wax is the by-product of gasoline which can make the air in your house unhealthy. The burning candles of paraffin wax release some chemicals which can affect babies and pets. 

Whereas soy wax melts or candles are a healthier option as they are made from natural ingredients by releasing a very little quantity of particulate matter, hence you don’t need to panic about the interior air pollution. 

Eco friendly

Apart from being non-toxic, soy melts and candles are also eco-friendly. Where the classic melted candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin, these candles are vegan as they are made up of soybeans. 

For this reason, they prove to be a good alternative to replace the classic candles which come from a non-renewable source. Furthermore, soy wax melts are also biodegradable. 


In recent years, many animal activists and animal lovers raise their voices against the usage of animal products. If you are also against animal products then give a second thought to the candle that you are using at your home. 

Many candles are made with the animal by-products such as tallow, beeswax, and other by-products. In contrast, you can be sure that soy wax melts are completely made of soya and don’t possess any animal by-products. Hence, they are 100% vegan. 

Production of less soot

You will often find that the traditional candles that are made of paraffin produce dark soot which darkens the walls and the furniture if they are nearby them. On the contrary, soy melts burn clean and also produce less soot than paraffin ones. 

Lasts longer

One more advantage of soy melts is they take more time to diminish as they burn much more slowly than the paraffin wax. These vegan candles will last much longer than classic candles of the same size.

Bottom line

Many might feel that there aren’t many differences in soy wax melts and other paraffin-based candles, but you need to check the difference by using before thinking the same. 


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