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Who are the electricity and gas suppliers in 2022?

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Electrical Services in Dubai

The liberalization of the energy market marked the end of the monopoly of the historic giants EDF and Electrical Services in Dubai and the appearance of new players in the territory. Today, more than 40 electricity and gas suppliers operate with individual and professional customers. Who are they and what offers do they offer? A brief overview.

List of electricity and gas suppliers

Since the opening of the energy market in 2007, several alternative suppliers have come to compete with the historic suppliers EDF and Engie, but also local distribution companies ( ELD ).

Today a large number of them also offer the supply of Electrical Services in Dubai and gas for the same contract, which is commonly called a “ dual offer ”.

If you are a professional looking for an electricity and gas supplier, the range of offers is as varied as that intended for individuals!

Most of the suppliers listed below have at least one gas offer dedicated to professionals. Among the electricity and gas suppliers, we find, for example, EDF Entreprises, Vattenfall Pro, Antargaz, Edf Entreprises, and TotalEnergies Pro.

Why choose a dual offer?

If you take a closer look at the various dual offers offered by electricity and natural gas suppliers, many of them offer price reductions based on regulated tariffs.

However, you must remain attentive to the nature of the rates offered. Indeed, in the case of fixed tariffs, you will know in advance what you pay every month but you will not be able to benefit from a reduction in prices if the regulated tariffs are revised downwards. Conversely, indexed tariffs will allow you to benefit from it, but if these regulated tariffs go up, you will also see your bills increase.

Is overconsumption linked to the Linky meter?

According to the 2019 Barometer of the National Energy Mediator, a majority. French people, 77%, believe that the Linky meter will not allow them to save money on energy consumption!

Enedis has denied this link between voluntary overconsumption and the installation of the Linky meter. The company claimed that the smart meter has the same calculation. Characteristics such as the old meters and that it meets the same metering standards (given by independent laboratories). Thus, the rise in costs on the electricity bill simply be explaine. By a malfunction of the traditional and aging meter, widening. The gap is with the actual report of the electrical data transmitte.

Maintain your water heater at least once a year

Defrost your freezer once a quarter (the colder it is, the more energy it uses to maintain the cold temperature);
Do not leave your electrical devices on standby but unplug them! They still continue to consume, even in this “reduced” mode: this action is both economical and ecological.

A special thought for telephone or computer chargers: remove them from electrical outlets when you are not using them. If it’s not an immediate reflex, try to establish a routine of checking catches every night;
Promote power strips with on/off switches. The indicator light is a good indicator to remember to turn off the socket and unplug your devices.

Lower your radiators by 1° if possible in winter: this can reduce your bill by 7% according to Electrical Services in Dubai, Reduce the preheating time in the oven by taking your food out in the open air longer in advance.

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