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What to do if you can’t afford to organize a funeral?

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Taoist funeral Singapore

What choices are available to you if you find yourself in charge of paying for a funeral but are unable to do so? To guide you, the best Taoist and Catholic funeral Singapore provides explanations.

It’s crucial to respect our loved ones and be able to say goodbye. Not simply in the sense that this is one way we pay tribute to the deceased, but also in the sense that the ritual has something to do with our ability to find some kind of closure. After all, it is that sense of closure that enables us to start living our lives without the person we loved.

We need funerals and memorial ceremonies to help us get through our sadness after losing someone. But what if you can’t afford to give your loved one the funeral you want? What occurs if you are unable to pay for your funeral? It can be challenging to discuss death; in fact, it’s common to want to steer clear of the subject. However, preparing oneself beforehand will help you be as ready as possible. We’d even add that it may make an often very trying period easier for you and your family.

What happens if you can’t afford the funeral for a relative who has died suddenly?

The first and possibly most crucial thing to note in this situation is that this occurs more frequently than you may imagine. Funerals may be quite expensive, and it’s usual for people to be shocked when they find out the final bill.

But try to keep in mind that you do have choices. If you’re having trouble coming up with the funds to pay for a friend or relative’s funeral, take into account the following suggestions:

Query family:

Some people seek their family members for financial assistance with funeral expenses. Asking for assistance is never a sign of weakness, and you might be surprised by how closely families bind through difficult times.


Online fundraising through crowdsourcing is more common than ever. And since funeral expenses have continued to soar in recent years, doing so is becoming more and more typical after a loved one passes away.

Obtain a loan:

Funeral expenses are high. There is no getting around that. People frequently take out loans to offset their expenses.

Think of a low-cost service:

There are numerous ways to organize a less expensive service that yet artistically and movingly honors your loved one uniquely.

Know your options and consider all funeral options:

Although funerals are by nature expensive, there are several choices available to you. If money is an issue, you’ll probably spend a lot of time trying to think of the ideal way to remember your loved one while keeping your budget in mind.

You may put together a ceremony that doesn’t appear or feel “cheap,” but can yet end up being more economical, with careful thinking and planning. You may be able to choose the sort of service that is ideal for your needs by reading about the many types of Catholic and Taoist funeral Singapore that are offered.

What will happen if you pass away but can’t afford a funeral?

There are several reasons why this may have happened. Even while none of us wants to consider leaving our loved ones with any sort of debt, high costs for end-of-life medical care, outstanding bills, and other charges may make it difficult for your family to plan the funeral they desire for you.

There are several techniques to reduce the price of a funeral, including:

  • Choosing a green funeral
  • Cremation
  • Taking into account full-body donation
  • Choosing a reasonably priced coffin or urn

Consider a life insurance policy or a burial insurance policy if you’re worried about the future and if your estate will have enough money to pay for your funeral.


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