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What Is the Most Popular Style of Engagement Ring?

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Times change, seasons bloom and fall and nothing is constant than the change itself. When it comes to engagement rings, it is no different. Styles change and different trends are set each year, what will remain constant will be the engagement on your finger. So, when it comes to engagement rings, going by popularity is always fine, but what should also be kept in mind is what will last.

Keeping this in mind, here is a guide towards you finding the perfect engagement ring that is both popular and remains timeless.

Most Popular Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamond engagement rings – solitaire engagement rings, halo engagement rings, hidden halo engagement rings, three stone engagement rings will always be popular and timeless.

Let us find out what styles of ring setting and ring mounts are most popular and trending this year.

Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings and Styles –

  • The prong setting has always been popular and is considered the most classic and timeless engagement ring setting. The prong setting is also popularly called the solitaire engagement rings.
  • The other popular option for a diamond engagement ring setting is the bezel setting, with the metal rim encircling the center stone. The encirclement can be made full or partial.
  • The third popular option that you can go with is the tension setting, where the center diamond is held in place with the application of pressure, and in this setting the diamond will appear to be floating with all its sides exposed.
  • Three stone engagement rings setting is the setting style that will have 3 stones, 1 the largest of all at the center and two at the sides.
  • Halo engagement rings setting is characterized by a ring of small stones encircling a larger stone at the center.
  • Hidden halo diamond engagement rings will appear as a solitaire from above, but if seen from the side, the ring will reveal a circle hidden small accent stones from beneath.

Popular Engagement Ring Metals

For diamond engagement rings in general the classic and timeless will always be yellow gold, however, when it comes to engagement rings, white gold or platinum has been a more popular choice. The reason for the popularity of white metal may be the appearance of serenity and purity that it reflects.

Popular Engagement Ring Cuts

When it comes to the diamond cuts, the trending and popular cuts for this year are – the oval cuts, the round brilliant and the princess cut.


A diamond engagement ring is something that will be with you forever. It is important that you will be able to cherish it for as long as you are able to wear it, and then pass it on to the next generation who would be able to cherish and treasure the diamond engagement ring as you did. Therefore, go for something simple, graceful, and elegant and not for the over – elaborate and extravagant. For when we are talking about things like timelessness and eternity – less is always more!

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