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What is MoUSO Core Worker Process?

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Have you ever placed a computer to sleep just to have it start up automatically? If so, the MoUSO Core Worker Process is likely to blame. Every time we check for or install a Windows update, this process automatically runs in the background. 

In the event that a problem is found during the download or installation of an update, the MoUSO Core Worker Process also has the capability of waking a machine from sleep.

Microsoft introduced this background process starting with Windows 10 version 1903. After checking for updates or installing an update, you may locate this process in the task manager. 

What is the purpose of the MoUSO Core Worker Process?

Windows employs the MoUSO Core Worker Process as an Update Session Orchestrator (USO) to control update sessions. Managing the Update session entails resolving any problems that can prevent Windows from updating. When updating Windows, this procedure also protects it from any risks.

The background-running MoUSO Core Worker Process has no impact on any other processes that a user is executing. However, this procedure occasionally uses a lot of RAM because of download or installation issues. 

During a Windows update, the MoUSO Core Worker Process utilizes DLL (Dynamic Link Library), along with a few other executable files. The following list includes some of these executables and DLL files.





From the Task Manager, we can observe this process running in the background when we install or check for updates. You may find the MoUSO core Worker Process in Task Manager by using the steps below.

  1. Ctrl, Alt, and Del should all be pressed simultaneously.
  2. Choosing Task Manager 
  3. Look for MoUSO Core Worker Process under Background processes in the Processes tab.

To free up some memory if there isn’t an update running, you can stop the process. 

Why Does MoUSO Core Worker Wake a Sleeping Computer? 

The mouse Core Worker Process monitors the update status while the mouse is in sleep mode because it is in charge of scanning updates in the background. Therefore, if a computer is unable to learn about update status while in sleep mode, this technique is known to wake the computer.

The MoUSO Core Worker Process will utilise system resources to start up the machine and install any pending updates if they have been in the queue for a protracted period of time and have not yet been installed automatically. 

How to Stop the PC from Turning on the MoUSO Core Worker Process? 

We may always make sure that all updates are installed and there are no pending updates to address this problem. 

How safe is the MoUSO Core Worker Process?

The MoUSO Core Worker Process is 100 percent secure. However, this procedure occasionally uses a significant amount of system resources and physical memory. To learn about its causes and possible remedies, keep reading this page. 

In addition to them, malware known as MoUSO Core Worker Process is also known to infect your machine with a trojan horse infection.

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