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What is a School-Parent Portal? How Will It Benefit in Today’s world?

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What is a School-Parent Portal? How Will It Benefit in Today's world?

Digital tools have already occupied a great place in our daily lives. Basically, our dependency on technology and digital tools is increasing day by day. In the education sector, digital tools have transformed the education era into an advanced education era. The digital tools have spread their wings and now the different education institutes are operating their daily routines with the help of different softwares including the school management system. The boom in the education sector represents the great importance of educational technology. Parents are regaining great importance in the education industry. To keep the parents updated, most of the schools are investing in the school and the parent apps. The app will bridge the communication gap between parents and the schools leading them to sneak into their child’s academic life. 

What is the school parent portal? 

The parent portal is playing a great role in the education of their children. Basically, the parent portal gives all the information to parents about their child’s progress, what’s happening on campus, right from the timetable, attendance, events, and meals. The parent portal is a great module of a school management system, and it is a way through which the Teachers and the school administration can send their real-time announcements to the parents. 

The parent portal which is a main module of the school management software is basically designed and customized According to the requirements of educational institutes. eSchool software has a great parent portal in such a way that it can be easily integrated with other softwares. It offers the very easiest to find solutions for every problem. Maybe it could also help to download the holiday homework to check the remarks of assignments uploaded by the teachers and the school parent portal has everything for you. 

What factors do you need to consider choosing the school parent portal for your educational Institute? 

Here we will discuss the different factors that will help you to decide parent portal for your institute. 

  • The  parent portal needs to be smoothly integrated with the third-party services 
  • The parent portal need to be asked for minimal logins 
  • Easy to use 
  • Minimum customizations 
  • Must be enabled for instant feedback in the form of audio, image, and document. 

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Why should schools use the parent portal? 

The school parent portal should satisfy all the requirements of the parents and should be enriched with the different features that fascinate the school administration and the school staff to invest in the school portal. 

You need to consider this list of features while purchasing the parent portal for your school 

  • School transport tracking 
  • Fee pay online 
  • Exam and the session timetable 
  • Attendance tracking 
  • Homework status checking 
  • Event calendar 



Parent Portal has made communication between parents and school staff much easier. Parents can now access grades, attendance, and other important information about their children with the click of a button. In today’s world, it’s more significant than ever to stay connected with your child’s education. This system has been a great way to keep parents informed and involved in their child’s education. If you would like to learn more about School Parent Portal or how it could benefit your child, please visit our website today.


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