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Best Nakiri Knife

Damascus cuisine is distinguished by the desire to reveal the delicate natural taste of products without changing it with sauces and additives, but using thin slices, a minimum combination of products, and short heat treatment. The taste and quality of dishes largely depend on the skill of the cook. Professionals and amateur cooks choose a highly specialized nakiri knife when they need to chop vegetables or herbs. Let’s figure out what a nakiri knife is, what it is for, and how it works.

Looking at the nakiri knife, an association with an ax pops up. Unlike the usual knife, which has a similar appearance and a similar purpose, the size of the Best nakiri knife is more modest. It is lighter and more compact – no more than 300 g in weight, so the model is more versatile, fits well in the palm of average size. This tool has:

  • wide rectangular blade 15-18 cm long and up to 5-6 cm wide;
  • pointed tip – can be pulled up or lowered almost in line with the cutting edge;
  • the cutting edge is very thin and hard (from 58 to 61 HRC);
  • sharp finishing sharpening is carried out on water stones with a grit of 3000 #, has a minimum angle.

The nakiri has an expressive appearance, it cannot be confused with a fillet or a chef’s knife. But some models have their characteristics. So, the blade may have relief depressions and protrusions. They not only give the blade its originality but also play the role of air pockets, preventing the product from sticking when cutting. Models with a raised tip and an arcuate cutting edge are ideal for chopping greens.


The thinnest cutting edge of the nakiri is needed for easy and fast cutting of vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fruits – any plant products with a non-solid structure. This knife is designed for shredding. He can thinly and accurately cut thin slices of even vegetables with juicy pulp, for example, tomatoes. But for cutting or slicing fish, meat, hard and dense foods, it is not suitable.

The almost rectangular shape of the blade with a rounded tip defines the functionality of the nakiri knife. The technique of work involves hand movements in vertical space. The geometry of the blade is such that for cutting it is not necessary to make unnecessary horizontal movements, which speeds up the pace of work.

In this case, the rounded tip serves as an emphasis for the blade. By moving the hand along the radius up and down, thin shredding and cutting are easily carried out. The tip is fixed on the board, the product is placed under the central part of the blade and when cutting. is advanced with fingers under the “hatchet” blade, which lowers and rises without tearing the tip off the board.

A nakiri knife is an assistant to a cook or a housewife. In neat and accurate cutting and chopping vegetables and herbs. Real nakiri with the necessary cutting properties and design features are supplied to the market only by Damascus brands. You can buy a professional tool on our website.

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