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What Are The Types Of Google Maps Scraping Tools?

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There are various types of Google Maps Scrapers, including:

  1. Ready-Made Google Maps Scraping Tools
  2. In-House Google Maps Data Scrapers


  1. Ready-To-Use Google Maps Scraping Tools

This type of Google Maps Scraper is available for off-the-shelf use and automatically collects business data from Google Maps using a variety of techniques, depending on how they are created. Google Maps lead generation tools can scrape emails, phone numbers, social media links, website links, business hours, latitudes, longitudes, ratings, reviews, locations, and much more from the Google Maps business listings. As a user, I need to know how to use a Google Map Extractor. All you need to do is issue instructions to the Google Maps Crawler to collect the data from Google Maps, and the business data scraper will find and scrape all the data according to your given instructions. You can get Google Maps scraping tools from various providers, such as Ahmad Software Technologies.

  1. In-House Google Web Scrapers

Using in-house Google Maps scraping tools is more expensive than ready-to-use Google Maps scrapers because you need developers to create Google Maps data scraping tools. That said, most in-house Google Maps scrapers are designed using Python, a relatively simple programming language compared to others. In addition, it has several application libraries that contain pre-written Python code for a specific purpose, in this case, Google Maps scraping.

As such, the choice between ready-to-use and in-house Google Maps Crawlers depends on your budget and whether you have the resources needed for the latter. That said, both can be used for small and large-scale Google Maps data scraping needs. But in order to use them effectively on a large scale, you also need to deploy roaming proxy servers.

Where To Find The Best Google Maps Scraping Tools?

Here are the companies that provide easy-to-use Google Maps scraping solutions and tools such as Ahmad Software Technologies. With a few clicks, you can extract and store business data from Google Maps in the format of your choice!

Ahmad Software Technologies offers the best tools to extract data from Google Maps that scrape data from Google Maps business profiles and search results without coding skills. Our team of highly talented programmers develops customized Google Maps web crawling tools. These tools efficiently and quickly gather the business information you need from Google Maps. These tools deliver data to you in various different formats such as Excel, CSV, and Text files.

Is Data Scraping From Google Maps Legal Or Not?

In some countries, Google Maps scraping is perfectly legal, while in others it is subject to interpretation and debate.

Google Maps data seems to be freely available and can be scraped by anyone, but there are privacy concerns that need to be considered in the context of a country. You need to follow Google Maps rules and regulations before extracting data from Google Maps. Scraping publicly available data from Google Maps is completely legal.


Whether legal or not, Google Maps data extraction has grown as a necessity for a set of Internet stakeholders. Getting started with an online b2b business, everyone needs b2b data to approach customers.

With the emphasis on data mining, it looks like the future of Google Maps scraping is bright and it will be alive and well in the near future!

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