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What Are The Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioner Servicing Singapore

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Looking for aircon servicing? An Air Conditioner became an essential product in our day to day life. Air conditioner is a perfect equipment to make a comfortable surrounding for you. It works by changing the temperature of the environment. Like any other appliances, you need to take good care of your Air conditioner. You need to do regular maintenance checks to avoid major problems. Regular Air conditioner servicing has so many benefits. If you find and a problem and solve it in the earlier stage, it will help you to avoid major repair and save money on repair costs. It will also reduce your electricity bill.

Energy Efficiency:

Regular Air conditioner servicing can improve the Air conditioner’s efficiency and also reduce your monthly electricity bill. A clogged air filter in your Air Conditioner can affect the efficiency of the machine. It will obstruct the air flow which increases the energy consumption. This will result in low performance and discomfort to the user. The clean air filters in your Air conditioner save 15 percent more energy than the dirty one. You can clean or change the filters easily. Dirty condenser coils will push the air compressor to run harder which increases the energy consumption and increase the electricity bill eventually. Cleaning condenser coils will reduce the energy consumption and also reduce your electricity bill Aircon Servicing

Lower Repair Costs:

If you don’t do regular maintenance, your Air conditioner will cost you more on major repairs in long run. The regular servicing and correcting small problems will save a lot of money in repair cost. The dirty filter and condenser will also result in premature failure of the internal parts of your Air conditioner. The cost of maintenance works or small repairs will be much less than the cost of a major repair. Regular servicing also helps you to identify the leaks which can affect your Air conditioner or building structure.

Longer Life:

All appliances have a specified self-life in which they can perform well. Regular maintenance will increase the self-life and performance of the Air conditioner. Your Air conditioner will serve you well for long time, if you do regular maintenance works. If any one part fails in the Air conditioner system, it will affect the overall performance. So, you should take care of all parts in the Air conditioner unit. Do regular maintenance checks to ensure high performance of your Air conditioner.

Quality Performance:

Sometimes you may not get the comfortable surrounding (warm/ cool) with the Air conditioner even you use it in its full capacity. An appliance loses 5 percent of its efficiency every year. If you do regular maintenance every year, you can get 90 – 95 percent efficiency for many years. A well maintained Air conditioner will give high performance and also consume low energy than others. The well maintained Air conditioner will provide 100 percent comfort to you when you use it in your house or office.

Prevention is better than cure. You should keep your air conditioner unit in good shape to get good performance and longer self-life. A well maintained Air conditioner will save your money in many ways. You can fix small problems in Your Air conditioner by yourself. But, it is recommended to contact a good professional worker for regular servicing of your Air conditioner. A small investment in maintenance will save your large invest on appliances.

AC Repair or Replacement? We will help you decide. Air conditioning is important for many people living in a warmer climate. But sometimes it fails, and you might have to decide whether to replace or repair the aircon when the time comes.

There is no one definitive answer to the question of when to repair or replace aircon. Depending on several factors – such as the age and condition of your unit, how often it’s used, and the climate where you live – you may need to repair or replace the aircon at different times.

However, some general guidelines can help you determine when it’s time for a new aircon unit. Make sure you know the best course of action for your situation by reading this article if you are getting your AC repair or replacement:

When to replace your aircon

If your aircon is more than ten years old, it may be time to replace it. Units that are older, usually don’t have the efficiency of newer models, and they may also be more expensive to operate. If your aircon is frequently used – for example, if you run it all day, it may also be time for a replacement.

Even if your aircon is not old and you don’t use it constantly, replacing an older model with a newer one will still offer some benefits. For example, the new unit may include energy-saving technology that could reduce your power bills.

Also, the new unit may offer features that your old unit doesn’t have or be more convenient to use than your current model.

If you live in an area where the climate is very hot for most of the year, it may be time to replace your aircon if it isn’t working efficiently. If you notice that your unit is not cooling your home as well as it used to, or if the unit frequently breaks down, you may want to replace it.

Remember that aircon doesn’t last forever; it will eventually need to be replaced. Even if the unit is relatively new and performs well in its current climate, you still may need to replace it at some point. However, it is mostly the age and condition of your unit that will determine when you need to replace it.

If you have questions about when to replace aircon on a specific model, consult a professional for assistance. Your aircon dealer can help you determine when to replace aircon based on its size and performance, as well as any special requirements of your unit, such as the type of refrigerant it uses.

When you need to replace an old or malfunctioning aircon, try to buy a highly energy-efficient one by searching for models with high seer ratings. These models can help you save money on your power bills over time; they may also include features that help reduce power usage.

If you have a window unit or a central air conditioner, when to replace the aircon may depend on your climate and the number of hours it is used per day. In cold climates, central air conditioning units are turned on for an average of eight to 12 months each year.

However, in hot climates, central air conditioning units are typically on for an average of five to six months.

Window air conditioners are usually used all year long; however, when to replace aircon depends on the age and quality of your unit and how often it’s used. Since window units tend to be less energy-efficient, replacing an old window unit with a new, high-efficiency model is important Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

No matter what type of air conditioner you have, remember that when to replace the aircon is different for everyone and should be based on the specific needs of your unit. If you’re considering when to replace the aircon, consult a professional to determine the right time for your unit.

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