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Ways To Make Money From Instagram (Top Methods)

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Make Money From Instagram

Ways to make money from Instagram are one of the most researched methods by people lately. Due to the development of social media platforms and their use by more people, it is normal to explore ways to make money from these platforms.

I often hear the question of how to make money from Instagram. Many people want to know if they can make money from this platform, as the number of followers can be increased rapidly with new updates and features. And I will tell you the most important ways to make money.

Here, many people may think of the question of how many followers are needed to make money from Instagram. Actually, there is no exact figure for this. It’s all about the audience you have and how you can direct them. In addition to those who have 100 thousand followers on social media and earn a thousand USD a month, I also saw those who have 10 thousand followers and earn 5-6 thousand USD. Therefore, you should be able to guide the process correctly.

Ways to Make Money from Instagram

Making money from Instagram is one of the most preferred ways to make money online. Having millions of users is one of the strongest aspects of this social platform.

Social media platforms are platforms where you can advertise in various ways. In particular, Instagram has turned into an e-commerce site with the features that have come recently. Everyone buys ads from somewhere and markets products.

Making Money as an Influencer

Influencers are people who influence audiences. People who have a certain audience on social media and can direct that audience in some respects are called Influencers.

If you have a certain audience on social media, you can do this too. Brands that see the relationship between you and your audience will advertise to you. Usually, brands send you products, asking you to try them and show them to your followers.

So you can get paid for advertising. Usually a fee is charged per share. Of course, it will be better in every way if you make long-term agreements.

If you are successful, you may attract the attention of other brands. Thus, you have the chance to receive more advertisements.
You can get more detailed information about this in the guide to make money from Instagram.

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Make Money with Affiliate Affiliates

It is one of the most preferred Instagram monetization methods of recent times. If people have a certain audience, they promote other people’s products and receive a commission from the sale if the products are purchased.

With the emergence of the Trendyol affiliate system, this system began to be used more and more. The collection links created are shared in the story or Bio, and income is obtained from the people who come.

A minimum of 10,000 followers is required to be included in this system. Because in order to share a link in Instagram stories, at least 10 thousand followers are required.

Not only Trendyol, but also many companies have programs. You can apply to companies and start earning by participating in the programs.

I must say that this method of making money from Instagram is quite successful.

Making Money By Selling Products

I just told you how you can make money by selling someone else’s products. Now I will talk about making money by selling your own product. The important thing here is the product choice. If you determine the product according to the wishes of your audience, you can be more successful.

When you look, you can see that boutiques and other product vendors have increased recently. Most of them can make good money if they manage the process well. But of course, not everyone can make money in the same way.

You should advertise your products and sell them according to the demands. My advice to you is to share regularly and ensure customer satisfaction. So your dream of making money from Instagram can come true.

I think Instagram will help a lot in this regard. Therefore, you can share carefully.

Make Money By Trading Instagram Accounts

Almost every company or business has a social media account request. Of course, it is normal for people who want to be a phenomenon to want accounts with many followers.

For this, you can go to the account sellers. Or you can buy an account and sell it to someone else with a profit.

Of course, instead of buying an account, you can enlarge it yourself. You can grow in a short time by sharing and sharing interesting content. You can earn good income by selling the accounts you have grown to businesses or individuals.

The money you will receive from here may vary depending on the audience and quality of the account. Some accounts with 10 thousand followers can be sold for 300 USD, while some accounts can be sold for 1500-2000 USD.

become popular on social media

How Much Money Can Be Made From Instagram?

There are many ways to earn money from Instagram. Different gains can be obtained in each method. Therefore, we cannot say for sure how much is earned.

If you are advertising, you can earn regular income according to the deal you make. I recommend that you work with the brands you agree with at least 3-4 months. Let’s say you have an account with 100k followers and you will post 3 posts per week. You can set the price according to the industry of the brand and the interests of your audience. In general, 1 share is around 100-200 USD. Thus, you can earn around 2000 USD per month.

Of course, there are also people who have the same number of followers and earn more. The price may change depending on the interaction of the account and the situation of the demand.

There are also those who have the same number of followers and sell their own products. These people can earn more. As I see, there are also those who make monthly turnovers of 10-20 thousand USD. If the audience is satisfied with you and your product, it is not a dream to reach these figures.

There are also winners from affiliate links. For example, you can come across people who earn 2-3 thousand USD per month with Trendyol links.

As a result, if you do your job well and market your account well, you can make very good profits.

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