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Understand The Difference Between CC Cream and BB Cream!

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While shopping for general beauty care products in India, you must have come across BB creams and CC creams in stores. They are usually found in the rack or near traditional foundations, tinted moisturizers, or face makeup products. If you are confused with what are BB creams and CC creams or what is their purpose?

You have landed on the perfect beauty blog post.

BB creams and CC creams are multipurpose products that combine makeup and skincare in a single formulation. BB and CC cream can be used instead of primer, concealer, foundation, etc.

What is BB Cream?

The BB in the BB cream stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”. Evidently, by the name, the main purpose of this cream is to provide coverage and conceal blemishes. This cream is best for the “no-makeup look” as it gives off a light finish. They have ingredients like skin protectants, moisturizers, mineral SPF, brighteners, and skin firming agents required for skincare, giving you a perfect blend of makeup and skincare, which feels light and gives excellent coverage.

Benefits of BB cream

BB creams are hydrating skin care products making them best for dry skin. It usually has an emollient texture. They even contain SPF, which gives you protection against UV rays. The multitasking nature of these creams makes your skincare and makeup routine simpler.

What is CC cream?

The nature and properties of CC cream and BB cream are almost similar, but they are separated on one point, that is- coverage. CC in the CC cream stands for “colour control” or “complexion corrector”. CC creams give more coverage than BB creams. CC creams correct skin discolouration like redness, dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, dark circles, and uneven tone.

Benefits of CC cream

Among the products of general beauty care in India, BB creams and CC creams are beneficial if you are looking for a product that benefits you from both makeup and skincare. It makes them pocket-friendly too as you don’t have to invest in ten different products. CC creams have skincare ingredients like skin protectants, mineral SPF, brighteners, skin firming agents, and soothing agents. These creams focus on the anti-ageing properties as they contain ingredients that can blur the signs of ageing, like wrinkles and age spots. CC creams give better coverage than BB creams, but texture-wise, they are lighter than BB creams. They have a whipped, fluffy texture and matte finish.


Now that you know the exact purpose of BB and CC creams, you can choose what is best for you. For a lighter texture or ‘no makeup look,’ you can go for BB cream, which will effectively conceal your blemishes. If you are looking for a greater level of coverage, then go for a CC cream, which focuses more on the signs of ageing. Instead of spending a lot more on different kinds of skin care products and makeup products, buy a tube or box of BB cream or CC cream to get the best of both worlds.

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