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Ultimate Protection Against Viruses And Microbes

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The reason why we prefer wooden furniture is that it gives your house the elegance it misses otherwise. A block of wood is much better in class, look, and quality than any steel or glass. It is a house’s best friend in terms of decors and furnishing. Wood is easy to maintain. It takes years, and a high impact before a wood gets damaged.

Wood is a good investment not only for your pocket but also for your house. Its resistance and sturdiness are unparalleled. Wood stands for traditions and royalty. Wooden furniture is resilient and can last long with minimum care.

We all adore wood for its building properties. Its impact resistance and durability are at per. Fungi are the main agents that work to destroy wood and even destroy it with time. It penetrates through the wood and damages its ecological, environmental, and natural properties. Bacteria and fungi can eat your wood and leave irreparable damage. So, it is very important to ensure that your wooden furniture remains protected against all kinds of viruses and microbes.

As wood is a solid and naturally extracted from the tree, it is prone to natural attacks of heat, moisture, water, and bacteria. It was not possible to protect your wood from viruses. No amount of care or maintenance could save the wood from getting eaten away by fungi or bacteria.

But this impossibility had changed into a possibility when CenturyPly came up with ViroKill technology. Now plywood does not mean a wood substitute. It also comes with protection against viruses, which natural wood failed to provide.

ViroKill is an antiviral technology that gives plywood anti-virus protection. It protects the wood from getting destroyed from within, helps it last longer, and makes your home disease-free.

What to know about ViroKill?

ViroKill is a technology that ensures to kill off 99.99% of viruses from your plywood. It is a CenturyPly engineered technology that makes sure their plywood, laminates, and veneers get the best protection against microbes and different viruses.

In this ViroKill technology, the plywood goes through several processes where various nano-particles are instilled in the planks of wood. These particles are anti-virus, anti-fungi, and anti-bacterial in nature. They assure to protect the wood from its core so that it can have a good fight against viruses and microbes.

In times like this, when the whole world is shaken by a pandemic, it will be imprudent to compromise on the anti-virus quality of plywood. Furniture is a necessity, and so is safety. ViroKill promises and guarantees us this security.

Reasons why you should choose ViroKill for protection against viruses –

1.  The main idea behind ViroKill technology is so that the plywood can be virus-resistant. Viruses and microbes kill wood. It is an enemy to all the wooden or plywood products that you possess in your house. But with ViroKill, antiviral plywood is being processed with the safety inbuilt so that it does not rot away because of viruses. It checks on not only your health but also your furniture’s health.

2.  ViroKill technology not only protects but also kills every particle of viruses that may be evident in wood from the very tree. The process kills any evidence of microbes and bacteria that may later destroy your house.

As said earlier, if you think you can save your furniture from viruses by maintaining or cleaning it daily, then you are wrong. The virus cannot be hand-killed. It needs a guaranteed technology like ViroKill, which kills and destroys microbes from the core of the wood. It makes the best plywood for furniture in your house.

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