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Types of Incense

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Incense comes in various forms, and if you are looking to buy incense online Australia-wide, this blog is for you. Incense has multiple benefits for both your mental and physical state. Yes, you read that right. Incense can help you relax, especially when it’s used in aromatherapy. Whether it is relaxing your mind or your muscles, it comes in handy for both scenarios. Let us introduce you to some of the different types of incense. Read on to get to know more.

Direct lighting incense can be used in various ways. It can light up immediately and comes in different shapes with a beautiful fragrance. Heating incense takes more time to prepare, but it is worth the relaxation it brings at the end of the day. Incense can also do its job without being burnt or heated, such as being used for décor purposes.

Stick Incense

This is the most common type of incense. Burning times are proportional to the size of the stick. Cutting an incense stick allows you to adjust its burning time. The fragrance of stick incense is released evenly and gradually due to its uniform thickness.

Coil Incense

Coil incense is known for its long burning time, which is what distinguishes it from other types. It is ideal for scenting an ample space, such as a hotel lobby or an area with many passages.

Cone Incense

Light the cone’s top point – in contrast to stick incense, the fragrance of incense cones grows stronger as the lit portion of the cone descends into the broader part of the cone. This type of incense is ideal for quickly scenting a room.

Aromatic Wood

There are two ways to enjoy the aromas of aromatic woods. One is called “Mon-Koh,” and it’s a way to enjoy the sophisticated fragrance of a small piece of aromatic wood. The other method for perfuming a room is “Soradaki.” Aromatic wood fragrances create a relaxing environment for special occasions.

Kneaded Incense

This ancient form of incense is blended, kneaded, and matured in earthenware jars for three to five years before being used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Kneaded Incense has a sweet, creamy sc

Pressed Incense

Filling fancifully shaped moulds with a blended incense recipe produces Koh, or ‘Pressed Incense.’ Plum flowers, the moon, and other shapes are possible. When heated with charcoal, this type of incense releases its fragrance.

Sachet Incense

A sachet is a cloth pouch filled with powdered or granulated incense. It’s made with clove, Borneo camphor, sandalwood, and other spices. Sachets not only scent clothing but can also protect against insects. Sachets can also be used in drawers, automobiles, and other places. This mild, subtle fragrance is quite different from perfumes.

 So, what do you think? Which type of incense do you like the most? Regardless of your choice, each has its own benefits, so head to Legal High and get your favourite type!

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