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Top Tips For Moving House In Rainy Season

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Moving house can be time-consuming and very stressful for many people. It is marked by challenging tasks of packaging, moving, and then unpacking the whole thing. So, when have you planned to relocate? Maybe in a month or so! Shifting in the rainy season is not easy. But what would you do if there’s a heavy downpour on that particular day? This situation is not at all favourable for shifting, but there is nothing that you can do to control nature. You can make minute adjustments to your plans to ensure that your belongings are safe and dry on a moving day. This article talks about ideas for protecting yourself and your possessions during a rainy day move.

Tips to have a hassle-free shifting during rains

Relocation is a difficult job to do, and when accompanied by rains, it can be even more complicated. You must be fearing that all your household items will get spoiled or damaged with water. But, with good thinking and proper decision-making, you can make this complex work simpler for those wet and grey moving days.

Keep your things dry

What do you generally use to pack? Maybe some cardboard boxes! That is not at all going to help in this weather. There is nothing worse than getting all your precious belongings spoiled during the move. If you don’t take care of these necessary materials, they may get damaged completely. Therefore, proper precautions need to be taken before you plan up packaging. Wrapping up your cardboard boxes with cling wrap or plastic to keep moisture out can be a perfect step. Also, if you have some plastic containers available at your home, you can pack some precious items in them.  This can raise your expenses more than expected. To solve this, you can use some large plastic bin bags to keep these boxes dried. And guess what? It can be used later too!

 Protect your furniture

Furniture is an expensive commodity, and it is crucial to keep it dry. Once there is moisture in it, the probability of encountering mites increases. What can you do in this case? Wrapping these with plastic will be very difficult at a personal level. Considering a removalist is a thumbs up if you wish to ease this process. Happy removal, furniture removalists in Brisbane can help you take your furniture to another location by protecting it from the weather. These experts will take utmost care of all your goods (precious and fragile too!) and ensure everything from proper packaging to moving. Hire a removalist and take a backseat, as this will ease your worry!

Shorten the distance

Moving heavy boxes is tedious. If you rent a moving truck, make sure it is parked as close to your door as possible. Things will not get wet if you carry them a short distance in the rain. Keep towels at hand to recover and wipe anything that gets wet at the earliest.

Unpack quickly

As soon as you reach the destination, ensure that you remove the items with speed. Wet cardoard leads to mould, and therefore, it is essential to look through the stack of boxes and get rid of the ones you won’t need again. Keep in mind that all products are dry before you keep them at a designated place.

Before planning and organising, follow a weather forecast and choose the best possible day to move. But even if you can’t avoid the rains, with these steps, you should be able to safely navigate during the rainy season. There will be a time when things will get out of your hands but don’t worry! Seek the help of friends and neighbours. Be prepared to spend a day with this hustle and bustle. Working as a team and engaging your other family members will make the entire process faster. Take advantage of the break between rains and get things sorted as early as possible. Happy home relocation!


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