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Top 7 Skills Your ReactJS Developers Must Have

by Chandan
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Top 7 Skills Your ReactJS Developers Must Have

Hiring the right developer can be difficult, but if you’re looking to hire React JS developers, it’s even more challenging. That’s because of the unique skillset that developers with experience in React JS have developed over time.

Many of them have honed the following seven technical skills, which will benefit your company greatly once they are hired and are working on your team. Here are the top 7 technical skills to look for when hiring a React JS developer.

7 Key ReactJS Developer Skills To Verify Before Hiring

1) Understand how JavaScript works 

If you’re looking to hire React JS developers, it’s important to make sure they have a strong understanding of how JavaScript works. After all, React is a JavaScript library. A good developer will be able to explain the differences between JavaScript and other programming languages.

It will allow them to demonstrate their understanding through code samples. They should also be able to answer questions about functional versus object-oriented programming, data types in JavaScript (strings, numbers, booleans), and more.

2) Know about Flux and Redux 

It is one of the major ReactJS developer skills that one should have with a strong understanding of the differences between Flux and Redux. Redux is a newer technology that has gained popularity due to its simplicity and ability to scale.

However, both technologies are equally important when building applications in React. Be sure to ask your potential hire about their experience with each technology and see how they compare the two.

3) Understand FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) 

Functional Reactive Programming is a programming paradigm that helps make code more predictable and easier to reason about. When building user interfaces, FRP can help manage the state and reduce the amount of code that needs to be written.

React developers should have a good understanding of FRP in order to build well-structured applications.

4) Understand HTML and CSS 

Before diving into React, it’s important that your ReactJS developer skills must include a strong understanding of HTML and CSS. After all, React is just a JavaScript library that helps create user interfaces. If your developer doesn’t understand the basics of HTML and CSS, they’ll likely have trouble using React effectively.

However, don’t worry if you’re looking for someone who only wants to focus on React and not other skills like Java or  AI-those developers can be found too! Just be sure to ask about their previous experience with these skills before making a decision.

5) Know How To Code Styling Works 

If you’re looking to hire a React JS developer, it’s important to know how code styling works. This way, you can be sure that the developer you’re hiring is able to write clean, readable code. Here are the top 7 code styling skills to look for when hiring a React JS developer – Basic syntax and language constructs

– Class vs function

– Control structures (conditions, loops)

– Modules and imports

– Data types and immutability

– Namespaces and scoping – Functional programming basics

– Unit testing with Mocha and Chai

Connecting to a reputed React JS development company can help you verify these ReactJS developers skills. So, think about it.

6) Understand NPM (Node Package Manager) 

NPM is a critical tool for React developers. It allows developers to install and manage dependencies for their projects. It also provides a way for developers to share code with other developers. Understanding how NPM works is essential for any React developer.

7) Be Familiar with Git 

If you’re looking to hire a React JS developer, it’s important that they be familiar with git. Git is a world-known distributed version control system that enables developers to track changes in their codebase.

Also, they can collaborate among team members easily.  Having a strong understanding of git will allow your developer to more easily manage your codebase and keep track of changes

Wrapping Up 

When looking to hire React JS developers, it is critical to consider their technical skills. These seven skills are essential for any React JS developer and should be taken into account when making your decision. With these skills, you can be sure that your developer will be able to create high-quality, responsive applications.

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