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Top 5 Doris Day Movies on TheMoviesFlix

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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1922, Doris Day aspired to be a professional dancer. But a car accident forced her to reassess her career as she spent part of her teenage years in a wheelchair recovering. Taking to singing on the radio instead it wasn’t until 1948 that Doris made her first movie on themoviesflix as Miss Georgia Garrett in “It’s Magic” (originally known as “Romance on the High Seas”). And so her movie career began which would span 20 years and 39 movies before she left the big screen. And went to the small screen with her TV show “The Doris Day Show” which ran from 1968 – to 1973.

10 Teacher’s Pet (1958)

The first movie to see what would become a very familiar storyline is Doris Day plays a career-minded woman duped by a man pretending to be someone else. Here we watch Doris Day play Erica Stone a lecturer in journalism on the moviesflix. He ends up being duped by James Gannon (Clark Gable) a bit city newspaper editor. Who initially wants to give Stone a piece of his mind but ends up falling for her. The trouble is he pretends to be someone else when they meet. And you know it will cause problems when his true identity is revealed.

9 Young Man With a Horn (1950)

In all fairness “Young Man With a Horn” or “Young Man of Music” as it is also known is not really a Doris Day movie. Rather than a Kirk Douglas movie on moviesflix with Doris Day in a supporting role. But the story of Rick Martin (Kirk Douglas) who learns to play the trumpet from legendary musician Art Hazzard. And goes on to become a troubled star musician is a brilliant movie full of drama. Emotion, and music as well as a little comedy.

#8 It Happened to Jane (1959)

In the same year that Doris Day would make her first movie with Rock Hudson. She also made another romantic comedy, this time with Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs. In “It Happened to Jane” Doris plays Jane Osgood a career-minded mother who breeds and sells lobsters. And finds herself taking on the might of Harry Foster Malone (Ernie Kovacs). The owner of a train line that cost her a lot of money in dead lobsters. With the help of her best friend, lawyer George Denham (Jack Lemmon) she battles Malone in any way she can but despite her troubles things may turn out alright in more sense than one.

7 The Thrill of It All (1963)

“The Thrill of It All” would be the first of Doris Day and James Garner’s 2 movies together. And see once more Doris Day taking on a familiar role of a housewife and mother. During a dinner party Beverly Boyer (Doris Day), wife of obstetrician Gerald (James Garner). Regales the hosts with a tale about how she used ‘Happy Soap’ to wash her children’s hair, as it happens her hosts are the owners of ‘Happy Soap’. Before she knows it Beverly is the new face of ‘Happy Soap’ making adverts, appearing on billboards. And being wined and dined at big socials. All of which ends up annoying Gerald who barely sees his wife causing a rift in their happy marriage.

6 On Moonlight Bay (1951)

In her 20-year movie career and despite making several movies on movies flix that used the same sort of storyline Doris Day only made one sequel which was “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”. The predecessor to it was the beautifully titled “On Moonlight Bay” which saw Day take on the role of Marjie Winfield a tomboy who falls for Bill Sherman (Gordon MacRae). The trouble is that Bill has some unorthodox views on relationships and marriage and also on a few other things which end up annoying Marjie’s father George.

5 The Pajama Game (1957)

This would be the last of Doris Day’s movies which were firstly musical and drama second but it is surprisingly good fun. Set in the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory Doris plays Babe Williams a union rep who finds herself coming up against new superintendent Sid Sorokin (John Raitt) who falls head over heels for her.

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