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Top 4 Treks in Pune

by Rishi Agarwal
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Maharashtra has some of the beautiful places in the country and having a lion’s share of Western Ghats it surely has some of the natural diversity and serenity. Pune in Maharashtra has some of the interesting places to visit and most of them in the monsoon. Because the monsoon brings beautiful flora and fauna into the monotonous world. And here are some of the places like Kanifnath, Sinhagad, etc that have both natural and historical significance. Do make sure that you visit these places and enjoy the soothing looks of nature. 

Kanifnath Temple Trek

Kanifnath is located around 20 kilometers away from Pune and is a 6 kilometers trek which you can complete in around half a day. Here you will be welcomed by a cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere. It is hard to survive in the concrete jungle of cities and treks like this can surely refresh and rejuvenate you. The trek will finally take you to a temple dedicated to Kanifnath and the entrance has the figures of 9 Rishis along with Kanifnath. The story of the temple goes that Khanji did 12 years of penance and then the birth of Kanifnath was from the ear of an elephant. Lord Kanifnath was the disciple of Jalandhar. So visiting this place via trekking will give you the experience of both nature’s beauty and spiritual serenity. 

Sinhagad Fort Trek

Sinhagad is a fortress hill and located 35 kilometers away from Pune. There are many public buses that can take you till here and if you are coming on your own vehicle then there is also enough space for parking. The best time to come here is monsoon because this is the time that it looks best. There are different paths that you can choose to hike. Some are difficult with steep ascent and the others are rocky terrain with minimal steep.

So you can choose according to your own fitness to hike up the hill. After you reach the top there are 3 gates namely Pune Dharwaja 1, Pune Dharwaja 2 and Pune Dharwaja 3. There are 3 because of the fort planned by rulers in order to tackle the enemy from all the sights as this fort was the Marata stronghold fort for a long time. It depends on which trail you have chosen to enter into each Dharwaja. They are called Pune Dharwaja because from here you can see the whole Pune city from the top. 

Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai is also called Mt Everest of Maharashtra and is one of the highest peaks in the state. It takes around 5-6 hours to reach Kalsubai base camp from Pune. It is 1645 meters above sea level and the best time for night treks. You can start your trek around 3 o’clock in the morning if you want to have a nice view of sunrise and it is a 3 hour trek to reach the top. The trek commences with the initial part being a village and while in the trek you can see the village so you will also have the lighting during those dark hours.

But as you go up the emergence of light reduces, so a must thing to carry is a good quality torch light. You can expect around 5 waiting points till you reach the top. After the 3rd waiting point, you will come across the steps and ladders. There are 4 ladder points in the whole trek out of the 5 waiting points. The best moment in the night treks is the weather change, where you can slowly see the sun rising behind the mountains. As soon as you reach the top of the peak you can see the temple and overall it will be a nice and adventurous experience. 

Bhuleshwar Trek

Bhuleshwar is the temple trek that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is 45 kilometers away from Pune. The temple was said to have been built in the 14th century and is marked by classical carvings on it and located on a serene place. The path to reach this temple is itself a beautiful way as you take off the Pune-Solapur roadway. This temple is believed to have been built by Raja Krishna and as noted earlier this temple is made with some of the intricate carving in and out and it’s firmness is visible from its survival despite many years. And it’s ancient legacy will surely attract the tourists all around and you can also plan your itinerary accordingly. 

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