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Top 10 REAL Demons In History Scarier Than Satan

by Ashish123
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From the princes of hell to the kings and rulers of it here are the top 10 demons and history scarier than Satan also known as the black demon osrs.

Started off this list in our

Number 10

We have bail is ranked as the first of ours go T. out which I obviously have to look up because I had no idea what that was if you’re like me and aren’t exactly up to date on your demonology as explained by the demonic paradise quote ours go to yeah also known as the 72 pillars is a group comprised of 72 demons with exemplary strength and their own legions they’re listed in the grimoire lesser key of Solomon. It was easy to understand.

So the bell is the first on that and he is the principal king of hell and it said that he governs somewhere from 66 to 250 legions of demons and spirits so he’s clearly a workaholic and grew more tradition it is said that bale appears in the form of a man attacked a told or different combinations of those with the appearance of the king or a soldier but with the heads of these creatures and on the set of spider legs so I’m just saying the guy is not easy to miss I feel like that’s pretty clear exactly who that is.

Number 9

spot today we have Amman Amman is great among the demon names and he is the seventh of the demands of ours coach yeah which thankfully we now know all about it said that he is in charge of governing 40 different legions of demons but his favorite thing to do with humans is making them fall in love with each other he’s also known to settle debates and you might be sitting there thinking that this guy actually sounds pretty cool and nice.

But despite these cool nice things he enjoys he is anything but not just like you can make people fall in love he can do the exact opposite as well he can cause people to turn against each other and can even will someone to harm the innocent which is terrifying to make slightly less horrifying descent he doesn’t usually do this for no reason and usually only does this when attacked or if someone is standing in his way of completing a mission still not good but I suppose that’s better than just random acts of violence it is said that upon if yours is a wolf with the snake’s tail and that he possesses the ability to breathe fire or he will appear as a man with dog teeth was inside of ravens I don’t know to ask him about that one, not me.

Number 8

We have as mode yes as modest as the king of demons and earthly spirits and it’s often referred to as one of the 7 princes of hell he also represents one of the 7 deadly sins lost before becoming a demon in his former life he was an angel who was known as a model the angel of April and patients who rules the zodiac sign Taurus but of course we are here to talk about his demon form which is set to appear as either a ruthless brutal monster or as a kind of mischievous demon that is playful and quick thinking honestly I’m not sure which form would be worse to encounter the monster would be scary but a little annoying demand would be sold frustrating for the most terrifying exit I’ve never heard of it is said that as mode.

Number 7

We have licensed Leviathan isn’t fully a demon but he is even a step above as he is a prime. Ordeal beast of darkness and chaos and he is one of the 7 princes of hell as well as its gatekeeper he also represents one of the deadly sins NET the entrance to hell is actually said to be leviathans mouth known as the hell.

Now the exact origins of Leviathan aren’t exactly clear but in the end, it is agreed that he fell from god’s grace and became the beast of the chaotic oceans that cannot be tamed by man or beast televised in is the beast of the oceans behemoth is the beast of the earth and is the beast of the air after the war in heaven these 3 beasts all turned on each other and then through all of what they govern and those who live in it into absolute madness this force god to step in and separate this 3 piece so that they didn’t completely destroy the earth it is said that if anyone tries to escape the inferno of televising will devour them and stack them inside of his stomach where they will remain forever to be burned in the flames of the body.

Number 6

We have men and women is another one of those fallen angels turns demand and is often associated with the sin of greed because of this man is the noble demon lord of Jupiter the richness abundance prosperity wealth and injustice it is said that even during his time in heaven he spent more time looking at the golden roads rather than god himself because he was already obsessed with gold and riches actually it is reported that his obsession with the gold was so serious this fall from heaven wasn’t really because he was passionate about Lucifer’s rebellion he was just too focused on wealth and this was enough for him to be cast out by archangel Gabriel it is said that man is the creator of alchemy and she is the one who stole the knowledge to humans of what L. chemical compounds are needed to meet goals it is said that because he gave this top-secret information out it led to the creation of these sort of humanoid creatures that possess great power and strength which indirectly makes him the creator of these creatures.

Number 5

We have a Zazzle. Zazzle is one of the chief governors of the Grigori which is a group of fallen angels who married female mortals which then produce the nepheline which really scary giant creatures that eat mortals in the beginning as I also started as an eater of sins but the more since you consume to the hungrier he became and this led to him not being satiated by the since he was receiving the reason he was cast from heaven is because he taught men how to make swords knives shields and breast plates which then led to humans being corrupted and thinking that they were invisible it is said that the humans went so far that they were planning to rate has been and this is when god told Rafael to bind is as old hands and feet open up a hole in the desert and tossed him in casting him into darkness this worked in for a long time is absolute may end in prison it was so bad that the jagged rocks near him or his physical body away this left him as a mass of darkness covered in males and later freed by Lucifer he went on to join the demons and hell.

Number 4

We have the Elsa Bob’s Beelzebub is a former Serra who turned into a high ranking demon he is one of the princes of hell and also oversees the order of the fly he said he didn’t and Lucifer from the Trier key apparel which makes him one of the supreme monarchs of the underworld as seraphim he was under the archangel Gabriel but he was one of the very first angels to fall is often confused with Satan and while the 2 names can technically be interchanged they are 2 separate entities and then some writings they even disagree at times B.

as about is associated with pride and gluttony and he has also been held responsible for demonic possessions throughout the years, unfortunately, flies are a very important thing for him as it is said that he can take the form of them now his main job is to rule over the fallen angels as well as all of the demands that are originally from hell

Number 3

We have payment is the nineties teller of ours go to yeah and he is a king of hell that is. Most obedient to Lucifer is normally depicted as a strong man with a face that has softer features he wears a crown and he’s seen riding a dromedary which is a type of the one-humped camel usually trained for riding were races before him there is often a whole group of demons and goals were in the shape of mortal men playing instruments like trumpets and cymbals,

which is of course meant to give payment a grand entrance to wherever he is on the way to his manipulative malicious and honestly pretty hostile inflicts psychological physical and spiritual torment and will even go as far as to recreate traumatic events or just give terrifying visions and nightmares his voice is so loud and roaring that whoever invokes him has to, and him to alter his speech were also continue speaking at an ear-splitting volume and he won’t be able to be heard or understood if he’s not causing you to torment it is said that he could tell you all of the mysteries of the or so I’m still not convinced it’s worth the risk.


Number 2

We have the Lyell Belisle is the 68 spirit in the goats, yeah and he is one of the crown prince’s up pals but he is also known as hell’s brightest fire evils match in the king of evil so it’s safe to say that he’s pretty terrifying he is mighty and powerful and this is likely due to the fact that he was created right after Lucifer which is, of course,

part of the reason why Belisle belongs to his order well I was once an angel but after his fall from grace you became a demon of lies and guilt and he possesses the ability to induce any type of sand but his favorite is the sin of lost Belisle is so evil that it said he started the civil war in hell while still an angel just before his fall in the war of heaven Belisle sleep numerous angels and as a demon just, in general,

you would slay huge demonic armies that attempted to make any moves against him or any of the other 7 great kings into number one spot today we have Alfa gore is a fallen angel and after his fall from.

Have been he has now become the demon lord presiding over the sin of sloth it is said that as belts of course served as a lieutenant from hell he was sent on a mission by Satan well he was on earth he grew quite fond of Paris France and it is said that because of this affinity he now lurks deep within the catacombs under the city also gore can be invoked by mortals we’re wishing to find fame and wealth,

usually through as little effort as possible but these wishes are of course a doomed to fail because of the demons true mission to learn the dreamers into sloth through the failure of whatever was provided to the dreamer 5 also Gorky that draws the bid to procrastination and idols treatment rather than active production which then condemns them to a life of failure the gore is also recognized as one of the 7 great kings,

who ruled over hell all right because that is what our list for today thank you so much for checking it out I’ve been your host today Libya because Lossky and I’ll see you next time bye. Bail is ranked as the first of ours go tia what is either a ruthless brutal monster or what.

Number 1

We have deals that Bob I can never say the word-internal. Beelzebub Beelzebub.

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