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To increase the length and strengthen the spine, do ‘Tadasana’, know how to do it

by Shrishti Khairwal
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What is Tadasana Yoga?

The word Tadasana is derived from the palm tree. That is why it is called Palm Tree Posture in English. Tadasana yoga is performed in the same way as a palm tree stands in a straight line. This is one of the best yoga poses, which you can easily do at home. By doing this yoga, the problems related to the bones of your spine are improved. Along with this, it improves your balance. Those whose height is not increasing should do Tadasana (Height Increase Yoga Pose) regularly.

Tadasana is a good exercise for our whole body. It is effective for the muscles of the body. It is a good medium to keep the bones of the spine healthy. We are telling you in this article about the way of doing Tadasana, what precautions should be taken in Tadasana, and the benefits of Tadasana.

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How to do:

  • First of all, you should stand straight keeping the toes of both your feet together or keeping a distance of 10 cms. Keep the arms at the side.
  • Keep your body weight on both feet equally.
  • Now raise your hands above the head and keep the palms facing upwards by trapping the fingers. Both your hands should be in a straight line above the head.
  • Keep your eyes straight at some point, your eyes should not wander here and there. You have to do this throughout the exercise.
  • While inhaling, stretch the whole body upwards with the arms, shoulders, and chest, simultaneously raising your heels and standing on the toes of the feet.
  • Without losing balance, from the toes to the head, stretch your whole body towards the sky and stand in this position holding your breath for a few Kshads.
  • After this, while exhaling, come back to the former position and rest for a few seconds.
  • This will be considered a complete circle. Similarly, you have to do 10 cycles. With this, you will get the full benefit of doing Tadasana.

Other types of Tadasana:

Tadasana can be done in other ways as well. The practice of Tadasana can also be done by focusing the eyes on the fingers kept together. But it can be a bit difficult to maintain a balance. Apart from this, in the second type of Tadasana, you move your other leg forward or backward while balancing on the toes of one of your feet. You repeat this 10 times.


Important things:

  • Inhale while raising the arms, hold the breath in a taut state or breathe normally. After this, while coming in the former posture, exhale.
  • After doing Tadasana, any posture done on the head should be done.
  • Those who have acquired proficiency in doing Tadasana with eyes open can try to do it with eyes closed.

Benefits of doing:

This asana develops physical and mental balance. Stretches and brings flexibility to the entire spine, due to which the points from which spinal nerves come out. Their hindrances (obstacles) are removed. Due to tension in the muscles and ligaments (Neuralgia), the growing bones (bones) lengthen, which increases the length of the body. Apart from this, Tadasana generates stretch in the muscles of the rectum and stomach, and intestines, hence it is useful for providing strength to the abdominal muscles and nerves up to 6 months of pregnancy.

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