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Tips On How to Monetize Entertainment App Development Strategies

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Entertainment apps are becoming more popular on both Google Play and App Store. Mobile users are looking for apps that can help them agitate their minds in free times like movie platforms, music platforms, gaming, and eCommerce. Also, the vision of app creators have helped launch engaging, funny, and entertainment app development services for users getting bored.

Few of the great examples of such free entertainment apps include Disney+, Netflix, Twitch, Mist Play, Bitmoj, Zepeto, and more. In all the apps we can observe the various aspects of entertainment like streaming, chatting, posting videos, photos, downloading avatars, emojis, and so on.

If you are looking to create an entertainment app and make a business out of it, this Article will help you here we have mentioned everything that you need to know. So, without any further ado, let’s dig in.

Choosing the right monetizing strategy

Many businesses wonder how to make money out of the popular app categories. Entertainment and android app development services implement various monetization strategies based on the business model they follow and their target audience. Some of the most widely used strategies include:

In-App Subscriptions

Also termed as “freemium content,” this strategy is similar to in-app purchases in which the money spent opens users to new parts of the app experience. However, the major difference is that in-app purchases are typically items, events, or content viewed as bonuses or rewards. They are not contingent on moving on or access to avail the entire app experience.

In-app subscriptions offer users a most basic, slimmed-down version of the app. Some of the amazing advantages of In-App subscriptions include:

  • Ideal for new sites and blogs with steady readership
  • Easy to amass users with the try-before-you-buy opportunity
  • To maximize profits, you can sell in-app content subscriptions outside the app store. Premium members can log in too
  • Subscriptions offer recurring revenue, unlike the unpredictable one-off buys.

In-App Purchases

In-App purchases can take many forms like a fitness app, one-time cheat code for mobile games, a new user level, rewards, or premium features for a productivity app. The key to enhancing the user experience is to make the app highly functional without any additional purchase. Some of the advantages of the In-App purchases include:

  • The free app that attracts more users in the beginning
  • Low risk as you’re not denying users access to critical features and content
  • An opportunity to gain more profit with digital upgrades. Also, one doesn’t require storage or maintenance of physical stock
  • Users acquire add-ons that help boost loyalty and improve user experience
  • Use this in conjunction with other monetization strategies

In-App Advertising

The only drawback of advertisements is that they clutter up the user interface or distract the user experience if displayed at the wrong place at the wrong time. Users appreciate that you are providing access to high-quality content for free. All you are asking in return is to show ads that may or may not interest them, but make you money. Some of the amazing benefits of In-App Advertising includes:

  • Since the app is free to use, you can easily attract more users
  • Apps provide an opportunity to collect data about behaviour, location, and user preferences to serve them better
  • Displaying the right type of ad can earn you money and business
  • You can display three types of ads like third-party, incentivized, and native
  • Apps get compatible with the existing advertising plugins


So far, we have discussed the best methods to monetize your apps and gain more business out of them. Are you looking for gaming app development services from a trusted professional? Hire android application developers from our expert team. Get in touch with our well-versed, skilled team to know more about mobile app development.

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