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Tips for Jewelry Photography You Should Not Miss in 2022

by Sumul Padharia
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How To Photograph Jewelry

Gifting jewelry is the most appropriate way to make your mum, wife, or sister happy within seconds. And as the online market is flourishing, we research online before buying anything. But when it comes to jewelry, it is quite necessary to look through it properly before buying jewelry, be it neckpiece, ring, bracelet, or earrings.  However, do you ever wonder how to photograph the jewelry to make it appear flawless and keep its charm intact? If yes, then don’t worry. We will take you on the journey of clicking wonderful photographs of jewelry. We have these interesting Tips for Jewelry Photography. So, without delay, let us get started.  

Tips for Jewelry Photography

Let us figure out the jewelry photography tips to click flawless pictures of jewelry.  

Sharp and Crisp Focus 

Classic product photography always requires sharp and crisp focus. It is important to ditch the manual mode of the camera and opt for the spot focus mode on the camera. However, when we switch on the spot focus mode, a lot of cameras do not work properly. So, in such cases, you can get your hand on the best cameras to click wonderful close-up shots.  

Clean the Jewelry 

It is one of the most important steps while dealing with jewelry photography. No one would find the dirty jewelry appealing. It is important to clean the jewelry completely before clicking its pictures. The reason is that there might be some or other minute dust particles that might not be visible to the naked eye. But they can be visible when we point the camera at them. So, please ensure to clean the jewelry before clicking its pictures. As no one would want to glance at the jewelry that is dirty.  

Get Consistency in Shots 

You are not required to stick to the conventional style of clicking the pictures. You can experiment with various styles of clicking jewelry pictures. Here, you get the advantage of using your jewelry photography ideas. However, please do not forget to use all the required equipment. Without the necessary equipment, the shots will not be up to the mark.  

Opt for the Macro Lens 

The macro lens is one of the essential equipment used in jewelry photography. Please ensure to conduct the shoot using the DSLR and use a macro lens as it ensures the most extravagant images.  

Do Not Forget the Tripod 

We are well aware of the fact of how essential a tripod is for getting stable pictures. We do not want the pictures to appear hazy; that is why a tripod is necessary. While dealing with jewelry photography, even the slight movement of holding the camera in hands might result in blurry shots. That is why it is advised to use the tripod, as it ensures that the shots do not turn out to be hazy. And this is the reason why it has become extremely important equipment. 

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Let the Natural Light Peep In 

Nothing is the best source of light as compared to natural light. While conducting the jewelry photography, please do not forget to let the natural light peep in from the window. It is important because the camera’s flash takes away the pictures’ charm. So, to avoid landing in such a situation, you can get let the natural light be the dominant source of light and let your jewelry photography shine.  

White Background 

The best way to flaunt the jewelry piece is by using a white background. Be it neckpiece, ring, or earring; we like it when the focus is on the jewelry. Having a classic white background will maintain the focus on the jewelry and not let the focus get deviated from the actual object. In addition to this, it reflects light and makes the product look better lit. This is one of the reasons why the photographers prefer to use a white background.  

Upgrade the Setup 

After crossing the beginner’s level, it is important to upgrade the photography setup. However, please take into account the elements that distract the viewers from the actual jewelry. Having an upgraded setup will help in not letting jewelry photography mistakes take place.  

Do Not Overdo 

While dealing with jewelry photography, the common mistake that is attempted is overdoing it. Keep it as simple as possible and showcase the natural details of the product. However, you can eliminate the background and keep the entire focus on the jewelry. And instead of complicating the piece of jewelry with distracting material, opt for a simple look to make it appear classy.  

Do Not Forget to Click Numerous Shots Using Various Angles 

It is surely an annoying factor while dealing with jewelry pictures when you look at them only from one angle or just a single shot. So, it is advised to click a plethora of shots and from various angles. It lets the jewelry have a clear perspective. And when the viewer glances at it, they get a holistic view of the jewelry piece. Moreover, when you click multiple shots, it gives the flexibility to choose the best shot amongst them.  

Closing Words on Photograph Jewelry  

There you go! Now you got a better hang of how to photograph jewelry. So, next time when you get stuck and wonder how to ace jewelry photography, let this informative piece of write-up guide you.  

However, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the pictures are; there is always a small window for improvement. At times, the pictures are hazy or have an extra object that should be removed. In such a situation, the need to edit the pictures and make them flawless is realized. And there are a plethora of trusted companies that proficiently provide jewelry editing. You can get in touch with a reliable company that is known for offering jewelry photo editing services. And let your jewelry pieces look flawless.  

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