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Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect SEO Report

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Whether you are working as an on-premise SEO or are of a specific industry and agency, reports are something that we all need to produce to examine our performance. An SEO report helps to determine the progress that a campaign must be making, demonstrates the ROI or return on investment, and helps in justifying why we took the approach that we did for our particular marketing industry, be it anything, digital marketing, dental marketing or any other marketing sectors. SEOs usually want to create a responsive marketing structure for putting reports together. There is a reason as to why there is often a vast sublimation in how different agencies and on-premise teams report on SEO success, how frequently they do it, and the factors that they include. Our goal, therefore, is to help you understand what a perfect SEO report should look like and what it should include.


Traffic Channels:

If increasing organic traffic on your client’s website is their key objective, then enlist traffic at the beginning of your SEO report. You will also want to use the resources or medium section of the traffic report. It will give you more information about where the traffic is coming from which further helps you conclude where you should spend your time and revenue. While other factors can also be important, it really depends on the business you are working with. For example, a dentist SEO agency tries to target their potential audience by garnering the dental surgeries and treatment that they provide with their services.

Conversion Rate:

All the traffic around the internet is great in providing visibility but it won’t get you too far if that traffic isn’t doing what you want them to do and in other words isn’t likely to convert any soon. Your clients will likely be most interested in this parameter so the conversion rate must always belong at the beginning of your SEO report. Once you know about the right conversion rate, it will help you better explain the rest of the report. The best way to demonstrate conversion rate to a client is through goal tracking. Orthodontist marketing tracks their customers through their overall procedures in order to acquire information about them till they acquire the orthodontic services.


Traffic at Page Level:

You should try to know where your visitors are coming from but it is more important to know where they do end up. If you have acquired someone from a Google organic search then that’s great, but if you also know that they landed on your most recent blog post, that might sound even better. Thus the report will help you find trends and see what people are actually clicking on that is bringing you more traffic. Recognition of traffic at page Level with the help of SEO services like Orthodontist SEO, helps the client know whether they need to spend more time improving their product page or if they need to publish more videos and less content.

Helpful Data Visualizations:

Even the best data can be damaged by poor visualization. Hence you should carefully choose charts and graphs that communicate parameters clearly, accurately, and in a way that turns into an impression. Some of the most popular options to choose from are bar charts because they are good for comparing categories of data, pie charts since they are good for showing parts as a whole, and line charts since they are good for showing changes over time.

Appropriate KPIs:

How to determine appropriate KPIs for your campaign? For this,  you must understand your client and their business or products and services to determine the KPIs that should matter. You can try asking them a list of questions to get a start. After this, you need to identify the business goal. Whatever the results may bring, the business has set out to achieve some goals, so choose an SEO strategy that will move the KPIs closer to your goals and correspond them into that strategy.

Key Takeaway:

Consistent reporting through SEO builds trust in the business and creates the conditions for ongoing success. Market agents, therefore, must know how to leverage data for maximum impact. And we have kindly mentioned it through our blog posts. We hope to bring out the best in you.

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