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Thinking of buying a farmhouse property?

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Many people are interested in buying a farmhouse because who doesn’t want to live in the midst of nature.  A farmhouse property will serve a dual purpose of a residence in a rural setup.  The property will be surrounded by a farm or a big garden. It is an advantage to get a space in nature in today’s world, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Let us look at the factors you need to consider before buying a farmhouse.


  1. Make up your mind – Be sure that you would want to stay away from the city where there is easy accessibility for everything that you need.
  2. Analyse and study the property in detail – Is the farmhouse suited to grow crops only or you can also raise livestock in it. Also, check on the property limits before making a commitment to buying a farmhouse.
  3. Be prepared with the finances – Some of the points you need to consider are: if you are going in for a home loan, choose it carefully. If the home loan has a high interest rate, will the farmhouse property be able to cover it? If you want to grow crops, is there a demand for them? If yes, you can hire the required manpower for it.
  4. Taxes – Find out the amount of taxes that you would have to pay before buying a farmhouse. There are different tax rates for the different kinds and sizes of farmhouses. Make sure that you have an idea about the taxes that you will be required to pay.
  5. Services – check properly for the availability of all services like cell services. Check the quality of electric wiring and change it if required.
  6. Other factors – Check if there is a proper supply of clean water.
  7. Check the land -It is essential to check the fertility of the land; the registration papers of the builder to be able to know the authenticity of the land and builder.
  8. Security – check if the land has proper wall fencing and if there are wide roads near the farmhouse property, proper availability of water and power, the distance of the property from one’s home in the city to the farmhouse.
  9. In the present times, it is easy buying a farmhouse than buy a second home within a city as the land is much cheaper outside the city rather than within it.




There is a sudden increase in demand for farmhouse property as more people want to live away from the city. A farmhouse property is a good second home option when you want to experience the countryside and get away from the city for a few days. In the present times, the demand is for a spacious and comfortable house. Farmhouses are in huge demand not only by the elite in India but also by the people who are lifestyle-conscious.  Farmhouses are now not just being used for residential purposes, but also for commercial purposes. Many owners are now buying a farmhouse and leasing it out for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc.

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