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Things That You Shouldn’t Bring to Your New Home

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When we plan to relocate home, we immediately start imaging how to decorate the new house. Indeed, everyone wants to have a dream home which they want to embellish they had always dreamt of. Meanwhile, relocators realize how chaotic and tiring the process of home relocation is. From hiring professional packers and movers to packing and moving goods, all these tasks require a lot of effort.

Moving with loads of goods is a troublesome task also it is not a wise decision to take everything to your new house.

Carrying everything means you are taking clutter with other important things to your new home. These things will cover spaces in your house and also increase moving costs because packers and movers charges depend on the size of your shipment.

Therefore, you should discard the items that are not useful to you or you want to replace them.

But, now comes the questions that what to take with you and what to leave behind. Well, only you can answer this question. Because it is you who knows what is in use and what you don’t use. The goods that are just lying useless in your house or there is stuff that is now outdated and will not go with the interior of your new house.

So, considering all these points, you can decide what you should take and what to leave behind when moving. But, there are a few things that you should definitely not bring to your new home. Even professional packers and movers also refused to transport some of these items. Let’s see what are those things you should not take along with you during household transportation.

List of the things you should donate or discard before moving house

Perishable food items

There’s no benefit of taking perishable food until you are moving across the town. We recommend you buy fewer groceries a week before moving. And try to finish it as much as possible. Only buy what you need, rest can be purchased in the new town. And if you have frozen items then consume them before moving to a new place or give away to needy people.


Packers and movers do not move any explosives such as fireworks and toxic substances during the home shifting. Even though it’s local shifting they won’t allow transporting of these items. and If you have guns also then consider researching the security policies of the city or state you are moving to.

Old or damaged furniture

Furniture pieces are big in size. not only they are heavier in weight but also consume more space. Hence, it is good to avoid the old furniture or any that are damaged. There’s no benefit of bringing the old furniture to your new house if you will sell them there. Discard it earlier and reduce packers and movers charges so that you can buy the new ones.

Expired packaging food and medicines

If you have any packaging food items check their expiry dates. Taking the expiry foods is not safe. It’s better to discard those items before you move. Do not even try to feed your pets as this can harm them. Similarly, check your medicine box to know which medicines have already expired. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to transfer your medical records or prescription to the new one in the town where you are moving.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are very delicate. They are alive and moving them to a long-distance place can affect their condition due to environmental changes. But if you still want to take your living plants and flowers then properly pack them and take care of them. And we would suggest hiring a professional plant relocation service provider because they have the required skills and experience to transport plants safely to the desired location.

Things that you no longer use

We all have some goods that we don’t use but have kept somewhere in our house. These could be anything like your clothes, appliances, books, toys, furniture, cupboard, etc. If any of such items you have but you don’t use them then it’s better not to bring them to your new house. Also, these will decrease the weight of your shipment which will eventually reduce packers and movers charges.

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Books and big items

There’s no point to bring books to your new home that you don’t read. Also, books with hardcovers can increase the weight of your shipment. Hence, if you don’t use them or they are your children’s old books then do not pack them. Just donate them.

Toxic substances

Toxic chemicals like pesticides, sprays, etc. should not be carried by you during home relocation. Also, they require to be discarded safely.

These are the things that you shouldn’t bring to your new home. Doing this will help you to pack only the essential items. Also, you will reduce packers and movers charges. You may not know how much does it cost to move home, but when still you can save a lot during your household move if you will discard the unwanted goods before shifting.


Home relocation doesn’t have to be a stressful or traumatic event for you. And by doing the above thing, you can have a safe and smooth relocation experience. just remember to book reliable packers and movers services Delhi to Mumbai , Kolkata, or wherever you live.

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