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The Zodiac Jewelry Collection at Takar

Check out what your stars have in store for you!

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What is a Zodiac Sign?

According to Astrology, Zodiac is a band in the sky that dictates the moment of the Sun, the Moon, and the nine planets. Several constellations are formed within the zodiac. The history of Zodiac Signs originated in Babylonian culture and evolved over time among ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. For them, Astrology and Astronomy used to mean the same thing. They believed that the zodiac cycle and the signs can be used to predict people’s future and characteristics based on their date of birth like leo birthstone necklace


Ox Necklace

Significance of Zodiac Jewelry in Ancient Civilizations :

Zodiac Jewelry is a proud proclamation of your personality. It can be in the form of a birthstone or a constellation, aka your astrological sign—such as a Fish for Pisceans, a Crab for Cancerians, etc. 

Different traditions across the world have different beliefs about Zodiac Jewelry. Evidently, the Babylonians were the first to practice astrology back in 2000 BC. Later they traveled to Greece and taught the Greeks the idea of astrology.

Types of Zodiac Jewelry at Takar: 

Sounds interesting? Check your Zodiac Sign among the ones mentioned below and find a shimmering talisman of good luck for yourself! Craftsmen at Takar Jewelry have curated a wonderful Zodiac Jewelry collection that echoes your personality wherever you go. Here you go:

  • Chinese Zodiac Ox Reversible Zodiac Charm Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver:

    As per the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Ox is the twelfth animal. People born in Ox’s year are extremely hard-working and intellectual. Just like an Ox’s persona, they are reliable and never feel the need to be recognized for their efforts. This pendant tells the world about these qualities of yours without you speaking a single word. So, let the Ox Necklace magnify your persona manifold!


  • Gemini Zodiac Pendant/Necklace in Sterling Silver:

    The Gemini Zodiac Pendant holds your identity close to your heart with its wonderful central design. It is suitable for all occasions. You can customize it as per your zodiac sign out of the 12 signs in Western Astrology.

Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant/Necklace with Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver:

The Sagittarians need no introduction to their strong-headed self! Born between November and 21-December 20 as per Western Astrology, they have a charming personality. They have honest opinions, and independent selves and they spread friendly vibes everywhere they go. Here’s a surreal Cubic Zirconia pendant for them! 

Leo Zodiac Horoscope CZ and Genuine Peridot Pendant Necklace In Sterling Silver:

You can do anything in this world, except lie to a Leo! Known to be strong, intuitive, loyal, and ambitious, here’s the perfect present for your Leo lovers, friends, and family. Celebrate their aura with this eye-catching Leo Zodiac Pendant Necklace piece in sterling silver. You can also have your hands on other Leo Birthstone Necklace pieces available at Takar.

If you loved this collection, you have to see more than what meets the eye. A gleaming collection of good luck charms awaits you at Takar’s virtual showroom.

Hollywood Stars who love pleasing their stars through Zodiac Jewelry: 

  • Rihanna: The Popstar Rihanna is one of the greatest fashion icons with a funky appeal! But there’s one thing that she swears by in her outfit. It’s her Pisces Medallion! It has engraved diamonds engraved for a shiny outlook and it speaks volumes of her Pisces personality. 
  • Duchess of Sussex: The Duchess of Sussex and popular Actress Meghan Markle is always in talks for her minimalistic fashion sense. Lately, in an interview, she wore Taurus and Gemini Constellation necklaces. The pieces signified her love for kids Archie and Lilibet. 
  • Hailey Beiber: Hailey rocks it on the ramp every single time! What caught people’s eye in her outfit was the Sagittarius Insignia that made her stand apart. She always wears it in the form of a coin pendant.

A Unisex Approach to Jewelry Fashion: 

Leo Birthstone Necklace

Zodiac Jewelry has opened many vistas for every gender in fashion! There was often a minimalistic approach to jewelry fashion for men earlier. But with Zodiac Jewelry, it’s not the same. All genders resonate well with this trending vogue and love to adorn these pieces. 

Takar is specifically concerned with these aspects and presents it through its picturesque yet gender-neutral Zodiac Jewelry. With jewels that magnify your aura and signs that speak of who you are, they have opened a green way to the changing scenario in fashion.

Wrap up:

So, if you are looking forward to buying yourself or your loved ones an early Christmas present, the Zodiac Jewelry Collection from Takar is sure to cater to you with the best! Embrace the festive feel with a spiritual essence. Let the celestial keepsakes make you feel rooted in your divine energies. Still, thinking? Go and choose your pendant now!

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