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The Top Ten Intelligent Automation Trends to Watch in 2023

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Intelligent automation is gaining traction in worldwide industries to increase productivity.

Intelligent automation, also known as cognitive automation, is a hybrid of next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, business process management, and robotic process automation. 

  • Apart from this, intelligent automation uses technologies like analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. 
  • By combining these technologies, Intelligent Automation has been able to create some of the most advanced solutions used by today’s business executives.
  • Intelligent automation is different from other forms of automation, but emerging technology is making waves and has the potential to have a major impact on the growth and development cycle of organizations. 

Businesses are increasingly using intelligent automation trends to generate and manipulate large amounts of data, automate end-to-end operations and make work faster and more efficient. Here are the top intelligent automation trends to watch for in 2023.

RPA is being widely used across sectors

RPA has lately grown in popularity because it allows software bots to mimic human actions and complete tasks more effectively. 

  • The increasing use of RPA in areas such as insurance, banking, finance, and healthcare has resulted in increased operational efficiency, decreased time-to-market, and ensured high security. 
  • As a result, RPA is one of the most important components of intelligent automation, which is predicted to grow in 2023.

Generative AI is becoming more widely used

  • Generative AI is fundamentally built on AI algorithms and machine learning approaches that learn from existing data such as text, audio files, and photos to generate wholly new and original content. 
  • Generative AI can be used for a variety of reasons, including creating software codes, processing images, facilitating medication research, and accelerating organizational growth and development.

The rise of collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, sometimes known as cohorts, are programmed to engage with people in a shared professional setting. 

  • From lifting heavy weights in warehouses to smartly dismantling production lines, these bots are efficiently handling all small and large-sized businesses. 
  • The adoption rate of these robots is predicted to expand dramatically across industries by 2023.

Continuous testing will drive DevOps CI/CD automation.

All other companies should adopt DevOps because it enables continuous integration and delivery of high-quality software to customers. 

  • Testing is critical to DevOps CI/CD, and AI technologies are used to perform continuous automated testing of software at every stage of development. 
  • Continuous automated testing improves the quality of the developed software and fixes all bugs before its immediate deployment.

The growing influence of artificial intelligence

The use of augmented intelligence is expected to increase in the coming months. It requires robots and humans to collaborate to increase cognitive performance. Platforms using augmented intelligence can efficiently collect both structured and unstructured data.

NLP technologies and conversational AI are becoming more popular.

Intelligent automation focuses on a wide range of technologies, with robotic process automation at the forefront. 

  • Intelligent automation leaders are expected to expand their AI application term to include NLP and conversational AI solutions. 
  • The advantages of NLP and conversational AI open up a wide range of possibilities.

Intelligent automation is being adopted very quickly among SMBs.

A growing percentage of SMBs are interested in implementing digital technology, with process optimization being the most common application. With affordable automation alternatives on the market, SMBs can now use them to reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase competitiveness.

IA to help with staff shortage

Trends like “Great Resignation” have become very popular in the corporate world. As a result, large, medium, and small companies have seized the opportunity to establish or extend their automation programs, reducing labor costs and improving process efficiency. 

  • Also, with a hybrid work environment, automated workplace solutions can be a very effective strategy to enhance organizational growth and development.

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