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Contrary to popular belief, a vehicle is not a one-time investment. Even after the purchase of the vehicle, one may think that at most, costs regarding fuel are necessary. However, that is not the case. Aside from regular car services and other basic maintenance costs, the vehicle requires all sorts of replacements and damage fixes. This is because a vehicle is like any other machine. If it is not functioning properly in its allotted components, something must be fixed. This means that the components of the vehicle require just as much care as the whole vehicle. The only way to ensure the complete maintenance of the car is by subjecting it to regular checks and inspections. 

The important components of the vehicle such as Continental Tyres North London, clutches and brakes require equal maintenance checks. These components have to be either replaced or fixed after a while. If the same is done timely, the Tyres will be able to perform efficiently without any hassle. There are additional factors to consider when buying and investing in new components of the car. 


For example, any set of tyres lasts only for five to six years. Post this timeline, the tyres must be replaced without fail. If the tyres are not replaced within this timeline, it becomes increasingly dangerous to drive on them. After the tread of the tyre has worn off below 2mm, it must be changed promptly. If one decides to drive on tyres that are bald or almost bald due to wear off the rubber, it can lead to skidding. In wet driving conditions, bald tyres can skid and put your safety at risk. Therefore, one must make sound decisions vis the use of their tyres. 


When looking for new tyres to purchase, there are several factors to consider. For example, one may choose tyres based on climatic conditions. Others may focus more on the roads and driving conditions. Gratefully, there are a series of tyres that offer different functions. All one has to do is choose the right tyres for them. Some of them are as follows:

  • Performance tyres: 

Performance tyres are known for their extraordinary quality and comfort. These tyres were originally designed for sports cars and race cars. However, more recently, people have begun to upgrade their cars in order to install performance tyres. When performance tyres are installed, a certain level of changes is seen. These tyres provide a much more comfortable ride than regular tyres. Performance tyres deliver better mileage and fuel efficiency than regular tyres owing to their low rolling resistance. Performance tyres have the ability to reduce overheating thanks to their special composition in rubber. 

  • Summer tyres:

Another commonly used tyres are summer tyres. These tyres are designed to be used in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. Even though their uses become negligible in winters, they still deliver a Stellar performance in summers. These tyres provide better suspension and handling for the vehicle. Summer tyres do not have issues on dry and wet roads. Additionally, these tyres have special grooves that prevent any chances of aquaplaning. 

  • Winter tyres:

Winter tyres are the second kind of seasonal tyres. Winter tyres are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of winter such as snow and ice. These tyres have a soft rubber composition that allows them to maintain maximum traction even on snow and ice. However, they are similar to summer tyres. These tyres share a similarity with summer tyres because they too, cannot function well in another climate. 

  • All season tyres:

All season tyres are called a compromise between the specific functions delivered by summer tyres and winter tyres. However, not everybody has the space to store two sets of tyres. Therefore, purchasing all season tyres seems more logically viable. Additionally, all season tyres have special properties that allow them to maintain traction on both dry and wet roads. If the climatic conditions around your area are not too extreme or temperate, these tyres remain the best choice. 

  • 4×4 tyres:

After driving on city roads for the better part of our lives, we grow accustomed to it. These roads are well built from top construction materials. However, the same cannot be said for all roads. For example, off roads or roads in the countryside have different terrains. These terrains can be challenging and demandable tyres. If one uses regular tyres to drive on challenging terrains, the tread of the tyres can wear rapidly.

Furthermore, the tyres North London can suffer a major setback if they are stuck in one place. The only way out of an ordeal is by switching to 4*4 tyres. These tyres are strongly built for tough terrains. The only way to get a comfortable ride on such roads is by switching to 4*4 tyres.

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