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The Problems Caused by Leaking Commercial Roofs

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Water is one of the most common causes of water penetration in a commercial building, and one of the most common causes of water penetration is an active roof leak. Knowing what causes a roof leak and how to detect one can save you time, frustration, and a significant amount of money that you would otherwise spend on equipment repairs or replacements. When you face such harsh situations, you can seek help from a little elm roofing contractor.

What Exactly Is a Commercial Roof Leak?

A commercial roof leak is when rainwater, melting snow, or irrigation penetrates the roof of your business or commercial building. Water can seep in through even the most minor access points in your waterproofing membrane, causing additional roof damage as well as a slew of other issues such as wet insulation, potential fire, and other irreversible damage inside the building.

Improper Drainage

All flat roofs require drainage to drain water that accumulates on top of them safely. Clogged or blocked drains can cause water to pool, causing roof damage and water to enter your building.

Unrestricted Penetrations

You most likely have penetrations in your roof for electric, heating, cooling, or plumbing. These penetrations, if without a seal, can be the source of a leaking roof.

Roof Membrane Damage

The roof membrane is the waterproof layer that keeps rainwater, irrigation, and snow from entering your building and draining away. Any damage to your roof membrane from falling debris, high winds, foot traffic, or construction, no matter how minor, can result in consistent leaks into your building, often causing significant damage on the inside.

The Roof’s Age

The roof’s age is another common cause of roof leaking, as older roofing membranes constantly expose to the elements and can degrade over time. As a result of deterioration, water penetration can occur quickly, so you should test the roof system to understand its integrity better. Keep an eye out for the above causes of commercial roof leaks to ensure your roof can withstand the elements and protects your property and equipment from countless costs of damage.

Major Problems By Leaking Commercial Roofs

Ponded-water areas

Ponding water on a commercial roof is generally good because it prevents water from leaking out. Although this line of thought may be correct at first, standing water will eventually cause damage, resulting in a leak. Ensure the design of ponding areas on a roof that allows water to run off as soon as possible.

Membrane seems

If you have a rubber roof or another type of roof membrane material, you should have someone check where these sheets of material seam together regularly. Membrane roof seams are prone to failure over time, and even minor seam failures can cause a massive roof leak.

Flashing that is corroded or damaged

When you look around your commercial flat roof, you will notice metal pieces around every object, such as vent pipes that protrude through the roof. These metal pieces are known as flashing, and they serve as a surface to help seal around objects that protrude through your roof. These flashing pieces will corrode, batter, and even puncture over time, potentially resulting in a leak.

Areas that are discolored

Large areas of discolored roofing material on your roof are not your friend. These can result from poor roofing materials, weakening areas of roofing material by the sun’s powerful rays, or even regularly battering roof areas by the elements.

These discolored areas are frequently weak spots in the material of your roof where leaks can form. Roof discoloration can also indicate that your roof is aging and that you require a new commercial roof coating.

Growth Of Mold And Mildew

One issue with commercial buildings is that they are typically larger than residences. As a result, they have more roofing space, and you may not notice that the roof is leaking water right away. Water can accumulate in a dark corner that you forget. When left in a humid environment, mold and mildew can grow for a lengthy period.

Mold and mildew will cause discoloration. It will be visible on the walls or ceilings. Mold is typically black, but it can range from light to dark brown. Mildew typically appears as a brown stain. Unfortunately, depending on the location of the mold, it can enter the HVAC system and spread throughout your business.

Final Thoughts

So now you know where the most common leaks occur on commercial flat roofs. So, what should you do if your commercial roof begins to leak? The best solution here is to contact commercial roofing professionals like commercial roof replacement Keller tx. Following the inspection, your local commercial roofing contractor will be able to provide you with an estimate for the cost of repairing the leaks in your commercial flat roofing surface.

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