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The Most Popular Internet Languages in 2022

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A huge amount of online content is available in thousands of languages on the web. Languages can be more or less popular depending on how often they are used online. India’s official language is Hindi, but it isn’t one of the most used languages online.

Here is a comparison between the top internet language usage and real-world usage among the global population.


Globalization has been facilitated by the internet. Digital world landscape has been shaped by the relationship between English and the internet. The language most commonly used on the web is English. About 25.3% of the world’s population uses the web in English, according to statistics.


The Chinese online community is the largest on the planet. China is expected to have 1.29 billion internet users by 2026. The internet population in China in 2020 was around 971 million.

Internet users from China account for 19.7% of all internet traffic. The global Chinese population is 1.32 billion. Yet many developing country citizens are learning the language to keep up with China’s development.In order to gain access to the Chinese market, it is therefore imperative to use Chinese translation services. You will be able to increase your global reach by translating your website into Chinese.


What is the population of Spanish speakers in the world? The number is about 750 million. About half speak Spanish as their mother tongue. In order to target these people, you must translate and localize your website into Spanish. Every day, more and more content is being requested in Spanish. The Spanish language is now used by more than 7% of internet users.


Arabians and Saudis alike enjoy surfing. Saudi Arabia has the highest rate of Twitter users in the world, at around 41%. The content in Arabic is less than other languages, however, which may surprise you.

The number of web pages in Arabic is less than 1%, according to statistics. Due to internet restrictions, Roman letters and numerals cannot be displayed on the internet. Fortunately, this problem has been resolved since 1990. There are approximately 167.1 million Arabic-speaking internet users at present. Despite this language not ranking in the top three languages of the digital world, its staggering 167.1 billion users justify translating and localizing your business website.


Portugal occupies a prominent position in the digital world, as well as Arabic and Spanish. Four out of every five Portuguese speakers had access to the internet in the past. Despite this, digital technology has now enabled a staggering 130.9 million Portuguese speakers to take advantage of the internet. Only 47% of Portuguese speakers connected to the internet, but things changed as time.


Malay ranks sixth on the digital world’s ranking of languages. In the Malay language, there are 97.9 million users. To translate your website into Malay, you must use professional translation services. Internet users in Indonesia and Malaysia want information in their own language.

In addition, Malay translation services will yield many benefits and you will be able to communicate with 98.9 percent of the population with a single click.


Internet users also use Japanese as a digital language. Approximately 128 million Japanese speak the Japanese language online in this tech-savvy country.  Thus, it is ranked as the fifth most popular language in the digital world amongst East Asian languages. The translation of your website must be handled by a Japanese translation service.


Russian is becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. The majority of Russians, however, cannot read and write. As a result, you must translate your website into Russian to reach the 6.4% of Russian consumers. This makes it the seventh most popular website.


Are you aware that 29 countries have French as their official language?  This means that 4.1% of digital content is in French. French will surpass Chinese and English by the end of 2045, with 700 million speakers. Based on its usage on the internet, it is currently ranked 9th. Considering its importance for the future, your website should be translated into French.


Internet statistics show that German ranks among the top ten languages used on the web. Almost 2.2% of web users do so in German. If a product or service is offered to them in their language, 56% of Germans are more likely to purchase it.

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