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The most correct way to clean up the jewelry

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The most correct way to clean up the jewelry

Many female friends at home will have large and small wholesale jewelry selling website to buy jewelry, but some jewelry worn for a long time, or not for a long time, will be stained with a variety of stains.

Is it so old as it is? Of course not! There are a lot of practical and convenient cleaning methods, let your “old” jewelry home more beautiful than when new!

Come and see it quickly.


Universal method:

This method is suitable for the vast majority of jewelry, more moderate. First, drop a few drops of soap in the water or home homemade soap water, soak the jewelry for 5 to 15 minutes, and then use a soft hair brush gently soft brush after the softened dirt, dry with a soft cloth, the place can be sewn with a cotton swab to wipe clean.


If you want to clean deeply and the jewelry surface is dirty or black, use the following method:

First add a small amount of ammonia cleaner in the water, they mix them, put the jewelry in the mixture, then quickly get out, the process can not more than a minute, and then wash the jewelry surface of the mixture, with water also can choose toothpaste (colored transparent toothpaste, prevent toothpaste particles damage jewelry) add water, and then use a toothbrush light brush jewelry, finally washed clean with water, dry.


If you often do not wear jewelry, to take a paper towel wrapped, and then seal up with plastic bags, it is not easy to get old. Have you learned that? If you learn it, you can rest assured and be bold to buy your favorite jewelry, whether it is the wholesale jewelry (also can called jewelrykg)or buy it alone, you can keep them well.

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