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The Growing Necessity of Christian Fiction

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Christian fiction books

Christianity for its followers is based on nonfiction content ranging from the Scripture to the life teachings of Jesus Christ. This is why the idea of Christian fiction books seems absurd. Christians usually resort to Biblical teachings and stories that will provide them with enough information regarding their God. In many cases, they prefer to read nonfiction Christian books that elaborate on the Biblical events that occurred from Egypt to Jerusalem. The stories of Moses, David, Joseph, and Jesus are more than enough for ardent Christians.

So, the option of Christian fiction does not seem appealing to many. On the contrary, in some cases, Christian fiction has more impact than Christian nonfiction books. The stories surrounding Christian content are fresh, inspirational, and hopeful.

Cultural Impact

Stories that pertain to Christian nonfiction relay stories of individuals, people, and even animals of their prayer or relationship with Jesus Christ.

Secular content has taken over when it comes to culture. Everything we consume when it comes to books or entertainment influences us. It shapes our view or thinking and how we approach certain social issues. Language in particular is what allows us to communicate intellectually with content. In the case of Christian content, the impact would be a pure heartfelt story of people finding their faith and the sacrifices they make through simple prayer which would be in stark contrast to the sex, drugs, and violence content developed in secular media


Many people who are already well informed by Christian nonfiction books do not want to read and consume repetitive content. They want to continue being inspired by content that pertains to their faith. This is why they consume faith-based content. The creative stories and tales that are developed by authors and entertainers involve their heroes and villains. Figures like angels, demons, and spirits make for attractive content. These stories enable readers to retain their faith and become more inspired.


Last but not least, many people are either doubters or have no faith. Christian fiction books are specifically geared towards them. Provide them with tales of people who have connected or established a relationship with God. This can also be considered a form of evangelism.

Facilitating the conversion of more young people has mostly been attributed to Christian books for teens who mostly gravitate to the fictional material of religion especially ones of the modern world.

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