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The Difference Between Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

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What’s different between gifts for corporate purposes and other promotional items? There’s a significant distinction. Both are quite opposite. One is a promotional giveaway, the other is a gesture of appreciation.

With promotional items, you’ll be paying less than $10.00 per item, ideally because it’s regarded as a gift. For corporate gifts, it’s more likely that you’ll pay $25.00 to $50.00 for a gift to an individual. You can clearly see the variation in the amount you spend on the company’s gifts as well as promotional items.

This is why when it comes to corporate gifts, you may want to be careful about who you will present a gift to. You could limit it to the top 100 customers who have worked with you. If you happen to have this numerous clients.


Additionally, corporate gifts are distributed periodically or for special occasions such as during the holiday season. However, promotional items are a part of your regular marketing strategy. It is unlikely that I will be handing out corporate gift cards as promotional giveaways.

The majority of corporate gifts are given out at Christmas or during the New Year. It could be once or twice a year if it is necessary. But, ensure it is the regularity of promotional gifts in Dubai is greater than. It is recommended to distribute promotional items regularly all through the year.


The goal of a promotional item is to showcase your company’s image and be recognized by your intended audience. The purpose of promotional products is to give away with the hope that they will be taken advantage of and be appreciated. While a Corporate gift can be more personal and is given to a current client to show appreciation. and possibly open the door to communications. Promotional products can be a useful marketing tool, while corporate gifts can be a great way to communicate.

Promotional items are offered with the intention of making many impressions. While a corporate gift is intended to be distributed and then kept by the recipient with no expectation of any positive impressions to be generated. Although, possible.


It’s important to ensure that the promotional items you distribute are of high quality. So you’ll be certain to get lots of impressions from the items. Some of the most effective promotional products include custom bags, mugs, t-shirts and hats, sunglasses, keychains, pens as well as water bottles. These are all excellent examples of effective promotional items.

Corporate gifts don’t need to be a necessity they are just intended to make the recipient feel special in order to show appreciation. This means that you can be more careful in the selection of your corporate gifts than promotional items.


In the case of promotional products, it isn’t enough to give them out to anyone. You should be specific about the people you give your products to. Think about the people you want to reach and who falls into this category should be the possible recipient.

When it comes to corporate gifts in Dubai, the recipients are likely to have a relationship with you. Corporate gifts are often distributed to vendors and employees in order to express appreciation or honor their efforts in the workplace.

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