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The best way to answer ‘why do you want this job?’

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Why Do You Want This Job

One of the most frequently asked questions during job interviews is “Why do you want this job?” Despite the apparent simplicity of the question, many people focus too much on themselves and not enough on the business. This is a different way of asking, “Why do you want to work here instead of at another company you are interviewing with,” and it’s a great chance for you to demonstrate what you know about the company, what interests you about their work, and what value you could add.

Don’t approach the topic as “Why do you want to be a data analyst?,” but rather concentrate on responding to it. Your interviewer is searching for specifics here.

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Make sure you understand why you would be thrilled to work for this company before responding to this question. Organize some time to sit down with a pen and paper, be honest with yourself, and be reflective. Make a list of the goals you have for the position. Consider your expectations for the position, your aspirations, and the opportunities for professional progression the organisation may provide. Does the schedule fit your needs? Exist opportunities for development and learning? Are they paying a reasonable wage? Do their ideals, etc., really resonate with you?

  • Tip 2: “You prepare to fail by not planning ahead.” Theodore Roosevelt

Without having some knowledge of the organisation you want to work for, you cannot honestly respond to this question. Finding out about them won’t take long. Visit their website or have a look at some of their most recent writings. On the site, their core beliefs, mission statement, and accomplishments are typically listed. Glassdoor is another excellent tool to use as it offers information on millions of businesses and jobs. Try conducting an informational interview with one of their current or past employees if you have some spare time. Check to discover if your interviewer has written anything in the media about their position or the business, if you know their name. Pay attention to any speeches or interviews they may have given.

  • Tip 3: Match your qualifications and achievements to the position

The time to “sell yourself” is now. Concentrate first on the business. Make a list of the accomplishments, goals, and flaws of your prospective employer. If this is your second or third interview, you might have discovered more about the company’s objectives.

Then decide which of your qualities and achievements you want to emphasise while responding to this question. Select one or two, and include a story that demonstrates the value you will bring to the business, how you will meet their needs, or how you will help them strengthen their areas of weakness.

  • Tip 4 – Share your career goals or career path

Describe how the position fits into your overall career path. Make sure the interviewer is aware of your desire to advance within the organisation and that you intend to stay with it for a while. They will feel more at ease investing in you as a result.

Lastly, make an effort to prevent these typical errors:

  • rewriting the resume. Keep in mind that this question requires you to discuss both the business and yourself. The key is to choose one or two stories that highlight your abilities and the value they add.
  • concentrating entirely on your future gains. Alarms can go off as a result. Instead of perceiving you as committed to their business, they might believe you are using them as a stepping stone to enter a field or begin your career.
  • Memorize your response. Being true to yourself is crucial. Being prepared is important, but you also want to avoid sounding robotic or like you’re reading from a script.

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