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The Best And Cheap Software To Extract Data From Google Maps

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Google Maps is a great source for discovering leads. According to Google research, Google Maps is 100 times more effective for generating real b2b leads than Facebook and Twitter. Marketers considered Google Maps as a very good source of b2b leads, with 43% of marketers saying they have sourced at least one customer from Google Maps. According to the  B2B marketers, 80% of their b2b leads come from Google Maps, with 40% seeing Google Maps as their most effective channel for driving high-quality leads. This guide will show you how to scrape Google Maps for b2b leads for business, equip you with the best Google Maps Scraper tools, and help you get the most out of your Google Maps marketing strategy.

What Is The Best Software To Scrape Google Maps Data?

If your business targets business owners then Google Maps is the right place for searching them.

If so, you’ve probably spent countless hours browsing Google Maps to create a huge list of targeted professional companies or users. Important data like emails, websites, addresses, and phone numbers are scattered all over Google Maps in different company profiles, and, if you don’t have any business lead scraping tool or an internee then you will have to spend countless hours collecting data from Google Maps. You can collect business data from a few thousand business listings in a day and there are millions of companies according to your keywords. So, you can calculate the time yourself to collect data from thousands of Google Maps business profiles from Google Maps.

But, there is a way automated way to extract data from Google Maps to excel to save hundreds of hours. You can find, extract and export thousands of business profile data from Google Maps by using this Google Map Extractor.

Why Do You Need To Use Google Map Extractor Software?

The Google Maps Scraper is a web scraping tool that searches for the company’s data from Google Maps according to your given keywords and after searching it collects, sorts, and saves data on your Laptop/Desktop in CSV, Excel, Or Text file formats for easy use.

The Google Maps Crawler will extract all the data displayed on thousands of companies’ profiles listed on Google Maps in a few minutes without any coding and extra tension.

Google Maps Contact Extractor will browse each company profile according to your keywords obtained through Google Maps and extract every detail from a company page like company email address,  phone number, social media links, locations, latitude, longitude, reviews, ratings, a business established date, websites URLs, images URLs, and much more.

No doubt that Google Maps data is a great source for different marketing campaigns because you will find and get emails, phone numbers, and social media links from Google for email marketing, telemarketing, and social media marketing.

Google Maps Email Extractor can be your best companion to collect valuable and targeted data from Google Maps on a daily basis. Google Maps Data Extractor is easy to use, reliable, most used, and trusted by many people due to its fastest scraping and accuracy. You can use this Google Maps Phone Number Extractor easily even if you are not a programmer due to its easy-to-use interface.

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