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The Benefits of Using Quartzite in Construction

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Construction Companies in UAE

Quartzite is one of the most used materials in construction today. Its great features and a unique and rustic design make it one of the most demanded options. With best Quartzite products at Construction Companies in UAE, who want to create an environment with rural touches.

It is a stone that adds charm to any type of construction and that, due to its great performance. We crown it as one of the most functional materials at all levels. Its origin, what are its uses in construction. Prices and why it is a great option to consider when building your home.

What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite, or also called metaquartzite, is a metamorphic sandstone rock. When we talk about a metamorphic rock. We mean that other rocks form it. These rocks can be sedimentary or igneous.

The formation occurs due to recrystallization produced by changes in temperature and pressure in the environment where they find. It normally generates this process in the solid state. But in some cases, solutions can change chemical reactions and produce this variation.

Within this process of metamorphism, we can find two types: regional and contact.

One of the main physical characteristics, as a metamorphic rock, is the appearance of bands or tears due to the parallel arrangement of the mineral grains.

Quartzite Mainly Made Up of Quartz.

Most of these stones have about 90% of this mineral. It creates in turn by silica.

quartzite construction

Construction With Quartzites

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

It can present different shades and appearance.

Depending on the terrain and the chemical composition of the original rock and the chemicals of the magma, it will present various shades and even a different shape.

Unlike other sandstones such as Piedra de Villamayor, quartzite does not have a sandy surface, so it is more crystalline than other stones of this type.

Advantages Of Using Quartzite in Construction

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

As we have mentioned, quartzite has great properties due to its composition.

It is a stone with great advantages over others since its use ensures a very high duration of any construction.



Some of the fundamental properties of quartzite are:


Quartzite is not only resistant to mechanical pressure but also to abrasion and high temperatures.

In addition, it withstands chemical agents very well.

All this makes it a very durable and safe material for constructions.

Construction with quartzite.

Great Insulator

Due to its characteristics, it is a very insulating material. It does not absorb moisture, so it performs a very efficient insulating function. On the other hand, it also has great properties in terms of sound insulation.

The hardness of the stone added to a good application, makes it a great option when it comes to insulating our home acoustically.


Quartzite is a material that gives the same nature, so it does not need any subsequent industrial treatment beyond its cut. As if this were not enough, it is a 100% recyclable component.

We have always advocated for the sustainability of the planet, and its use helps it.


Another of the strengths of quartzite is its aesthetic function. The constructions that use this stone obtain a special charm. It gives a rustic and cozy design that does not go unnoticed.

In addition, being a noble and irregular stone, it makes any design different from one another. As you can see, the advantages and great benefits it provides are more than enough to opt for it in many applications in our construction.

Types Of Quartzite

There are various types of quartzite as an architectural or decorative element. Although the composition between them does not differ much from each other, the appearance does change, especially with respect to shades or finishes.

Today, we find various models to adapt to the needs of each construction.

They stand out among them:

1.     Yellow Quartzite

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

Yellow quartzite usually occurs in irregular flat stones with little thickness.

Its yellowish color that turns golden with the reflection of light, makes it a perfect option for finishes, baseboards, and coverings.



2.     Gray Quartzite

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

Similar to yellow quartzite in thickness and irregular shape. Its gray and neutral tones make it a stone that provides elegant and clean design.





3.     Brown Quartzite

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

With shades similar to bronze, the quartzite also market in irregular stones. And has the same properties and similar thickness to the previous ones.




4.     Quartzite Slabs

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

Quartzite slabs are meshes covered with quartzite stones that we use for coatings. The slabs have specific dimensions, but the quartzites can present with more or less regular shapes or, on the contrary, irregular.



Applications Of Quartzite in Construction

There are many uses or applications that can gives to quartzite in construction.

Whatever it is, it will always bring charm, elegance, and a rustic and natural design to any area.

Keep in mind that this stone not only applies in rural environments. But there is a trend in which mixed it with modern constructions. Thereby merging different styles that combine perfectly.

Although quartzite in all its shapes and colors can used in many areas of a building, the most common are:

Quartzite Coatings

Without a doubt, one of the star applications of quartzite is as a coating. Due to its great functionality, hardness, and thermal and acoustic insulation, lining our walls with this metamorphic stone is undoubtedly a winning bet.

Quartzite Interior Cladding

Whether with irregular stones or slabs. Wherever apply it, it will always be perfect.


Quartzite pavements are also very widespread, especially outdoors. If you have a small garden, this stone will blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

Gray Quartzite Pavement

In addition, being so resistant. It will not need maintenance and will withstand any type of climate, no matter how harsh it may be.


Another perfect option for the application of quartzite is to use it to create baseboards.

Quartzite For Baseboards

The mixture of designs will bring dynamism and elegance to any construction.


If yours is the integral rustic design, you can create a facade only with quartzites.

It does not matter whether it is for a country house, a building, or a commercial architectural complex. The important thing is the benefits it provides you with a design that does not go unnoticed.

Quartzite Exterior Cladding

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

If you want to know more materials for facades, you can consult our article on exterior wall cladding.

Fences, fences, and decorative elements.

Walls, fences, fences, decorative elements. It is clear that quartzite is a material that has a wide variety of applications. That there will only be limits to your imagination.

Quartzite Wall

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

It does not matter whether the project is for a country house, a building, or a complex of commercial or business architecture. A design that goes unnoticed can provide you with some important benefits, including a design that catches the attention of others.

How Is the Placement of Quartzite?

The placement of the quartzite is quite simple and fast.

We must bear in mind that we usually use it as cladding or flooring, not as a load-bearing element, so installation is usually by gluing to the surface on which it is to install.

Irregular Quartzites

The placement of irregular quartzites requires a clean and smooth surface. We will have to clean he pieces with a brush beforehand to remove dust and unwanted particles.

First, a mortar mix will use that will have a ratio of 4/1 sand and cement respectively. Double gluing will do, that is, the mixture will apply both on the surface and on the back of the stone.

The irregular pieces will place along the surface, leaving a space of at least 2-3 centimeters between pieces. Subsequently, the joints will fill with the same mixture.

In the case of flooring, proceed in the same way, ideally using adhesive cement with resins or porcelain cement.

Installation Of Quartzite Slabs

The installation of the quartzite slabs is even simpler and faster. The surface to cover with the slabs will brush and cleaned and will use an adhesive indicated by the manufacturer.

Quartzite Prices

Even being a natural element and with enviable benefits, we can indicate that quartzite is a relatively cheap element. The one sold that comes in an irregular format by m 2 and its price is around 12-14 euros.

  • Room with quartzite wall
  • Room with wall covered with quartzite.
  • Usually sold the pallets.


As you have seen, quartzite is an incredible material that nature provides us and that brings great advantages to our constructions. Resistance, hardly any maintenance required, great thermal and acoustic quality a performance 10 that deserves to recognized.

If you are thinking of building a house, or renovating yours, this material deserves to consider. In addition, it is quite cheap for all the advantages it has and will never give you problems. Without a doubt, an incredible option for both exteriors and interiors.

At we sell many of this stone for your construction. If you need to clarify doubts or have any questions, write us a comment and we will be happy to help you.

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