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The Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences Program

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Allied Health Science

Allied Health:

The bachelor of Allied Health Science program provides a job-focused and flexible setting that allows students to pursue their studies. The graduates of this program may apply for post-baccalaureate programs or credential programs across a range of areas. A lot of health care companies look for allied health professionals with the skills to manage or lead an entire team. If you’re looking to learn more about the field then you should look into various programs.


Health and Wellness:

In your undergraduate studies you may choose to specialize in any field of health and well-being. You can learn about medical terminology, pharmacology, the environment, and nutrition. You could also pursue an advanced degree within healthcare administration. To be a successful allied health sciences professional, you need to have an unofficial GPA of 2.0 or greater and have an academically sound position. Furthermore, you must take at least one 1000-level course in chemistry, biology and math.


Advanced Training:

This Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences program will prepare students for the fields of nursing, medicine, as well as the field of veterinary medicine. The program’s curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the science of life and health. Students will be prepared to enter the field of patient care and will be able to receive advanced education in diagnosis based on evidence as well as disease prevention and management of healthcare systems. There are many ways to make it a success within this area, such as becoming a clinical laboratory tech, nurse and medical tech consultant.


Health Systems:

A bachelor’s diploma with a major in Allied Health Sciences requires a minimum of 60 percentage marks in biology, science and math. Some universities require an entry test to choose students. After the course has been completed students are in a position to pursue a career in the areas of physical therapy, nutrition rehabilitation, as well as health system management. The opportunities for career advancement are numerous and diverse. Graduates will be able to work in all types of hospitals. Alongside hospitals, they could also work in outsourcing firms for business processes and medical transcription companies and many other companies.


Allied Health Science


Health Sciences:

Its Department of Allied Health Sciences at UNC Wilmington is focused on developing a solid foundation for the health and life sciences. After the first year is completed students are able to advance to higher levels. When they graduate from your Allied Health Science program, graduates will be able to take advantage of a broad selection of employment opportunities which include in hospitals, clinics, hospitals, and health systems. They can also consider careers in business management or in different areas. There are many career possibilities in the allied health sciences discipline.


Public Health:

The field of allied health science is a broad and multidisciplinary field. Students in this field may be employed in areas such as occupational safety, environmental health and social services. They may also pursue graduate studies in health management and health information administration or in other fields. These professionals are proficient and have an excellent foundation in the disciplines they are interested in. They’re prepared to assist groups and communities in all kinds of situations. They are experts in the discipline of public health, and can help to improve the quality of life.


Skills and Knowledge:

An Allied Health Science major will make students ready for jobs in occupational and environmental health. They will assist people to identify and prevent dangers to health and promote safety and health. No matter where the professionals work, their program will provide individuals with the information they require to pursue a career in occupational and environmental settings. They also have many job options. The majority of Allied Health Science graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to be researchers, managers or educators.


Perfect Choice:

Students in allied health science can earn as much as 21 college credits after graduation. Based on their area of study they can opt to work as clinical assistant or at the hospital. The allied health science degree can prepare students for careers in occupational and environmental medicine, and also for careers in municipal and public health. If you’re a person who has a passion to work with patients, then an AHS program might be the right option for you.


Medical Laboratory:

Allied Health Science programs area unit a natural alternative for college students UN agency wish to pursue a career in a very explicit field. A number of these courses can prepare you to enter the attention sector. Within the Medical Laboratory, you may work with patients. As a medical laboratory technician, you may be a district of the whole patient care method. You may get to study the workings of a workplace and how the instrumentation functions.



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