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Streaming Platforms, Sites, and Apps

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Twitch is a social media platform that focuses on live-streaming video games, in case you didn’t know. Over 25 million people visit the site every day, and it hosts broadcasts from over 40,000 different companies. People watch gameplay broadcasts for a variety of purposes, including amusement, learning about gaming strategy, and participating in live discussions with other gamers with similar interests.

People who wish to see how a highly talented player approaches a game and discuss their technique with others can learn by watching gaming streams. This is advantageous for both the rookie gamer and the game production industry, which can use Twitch and other similar sites to obtain direct input from their target demographic.

Six Twitch alternatives are here in this post. All of these websites serve as platforms for visitors to discover new game streams, make new gaming buddies, and learn about new games. Some of these services, like Twitch, are for making money through streaming. In the sections that follow, each platform is in-depth.

Twitch TV

It is having good name as one of the best streaming services available, both for streamers and for watchers. Twitch provides streamers with a large audience and a variety of ways to monetize that audience through an easy-to-use subscription model, while viewers have access to 24/7 live video from a variety of sources, all of which provide unique viewing experiences.

This is not always the case, though. Twitch streamers have been known to try to capitalize on a popular current trend in order to boost their own popularity, regardless of whether the trend is relevant to their typical content model. This is where the’meta’ of Twitch’s current TV show comes in.


Fans of Twitch will feel right at home on Trovo.live. It shares many features with Twitch, including a comparable user interface (honestly, it looks nearly identical to Twitch). Trovo has a good assortment of streams and games to watch, despite having a much smaller user population than Twitch. Perhaps you’ll discover a new player to keep an eye on on a regular basis. Start browsing popular categories, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft, by going to the Games tab. The only snag is that the program is run by Tencent, a company with a shady gaming image.


TikTok is a new video content website that has quickly risen to prominence in the industry. It was just a matter of time until it launched a livestream option. Before it is for short-form video material. It’s unlikely that you’ll see much gaming on it (its vertical video orientation makes it tough), but for fans of Twitch for following celebrities or “Just Chatting” feeds, it could be a good fit.


Twitch’s appeal extends beyond gaming. Picarto specialises in art streams, which attracts a large number of viewers. Picarto is home to a diverse range of musicians who perform in a variety of styles, and many well-known performers utilise it to broadcast live. You may go to the website right now and click on the Explore button to check what kind of content is currently available and begin following some artists.

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