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Step By Step Guide To Contour Face Using Lipstick

Lipstick is a multi-purpose cosmetic item because it can be used as a blusher or eye shadow as well as to contour your eyes. Learn more!

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Step By Step Guide To Contour Face Using Lipstick

Lipstick is a multi-purpose cosmetic item because it can be used as a blusher or eye shadow as well as to contour your eyes. Learn more!

While we’re far from the height of the trend of contouring right now however, we’re still enthralled by the concept of a sculpted appearance, but it’s more natural than the past. The intensely highlighted, shaded style isn’t for everyone, but it’s taught some of us to shape cheekbones and improve our jawlines. It’s sometimes difficult to know what products to choose from and the best place to apply these, which is the reason we’ve prepared a step-by step tutorial on contouring your face.

What exactly is contouring?

Contouring refers to the process to shape a portion of the face and improving the structure of the face with makeup. It was once used only for runway models as well as high-end photo shoots, but it is now a part of people’s daily routines, due in large part to celebrities as well as Instagram’s makeup professionals with the same love for a chiselled appearance.

The past contouring and highlighting styles were about altering your entire face to appear in a particular way, but these days, it’s about accepting your natural face form and adding realistic texture and depth. How can create a subtle effect instead of an Instagram filtering your face? Learn how to make your face appear more rounded for beautiful, natural results.

What is the difference between bronzer and contour?

We are aware that you own two items that seem appear to be similar however they’re different and have a distinct purpose. For starters it is true that a contouring products is usually matte. It is essential to find a product that creates the illusion of shadows (and shadows aren’t shimmery) as well as contouring in order to create angles on your face appear more prominent. When applying bronzer, imagine the sun instead of shadows. The reason for applying bronzing is to create an appearance more radiant skin tone by blending the product (which generally is a shimmer or sheen to it) in the areas where sunlight would naturally reflect on your face, such as the temples or nose, on your eyes, around the sides and so on.

What do you require to contour?

Experts recommend choosing a shade 3 shades lighter than the skin’s tone that is within the same tone family to create the ideal contour. For undertones, choose cool, greyish-brown shades when your complexion is cool-toned. You can also choose an a warmer red-brown shade for skin that is warm-toned.

It is the next thing to do: decide which one to choose: powder or cream. It’s largely dependent on your personal preference but makeup professionals suggest using your skin’s texture and type into consideration when choosing the best formulation. If your makeup forms wrinkles or fine lines, or if you have dry skin, you should use cream contour. When applying and mixing products that are creamy or liquid apply the warmth of your dry hands or a moist makeup sponge to aid in making the product to melt into the skin.

How to contour The tone

When it is time to contour, many of us fail in the beginning, and that’s not surprising. The right tone for a convincing contour is more difficult than it appears It is not just that you need to pick the appropriate shade, but you have to find the perfect proportion of cool and warm undertonesas well.

According to Findlay the most effective colors to contour will depend on what you’re hoping to get. If you’re looking for more definition, choose the cool toned color she suggests. However, if you’re to go for more sun-kissed warmth choose warmer hues. Do not be afraid to choose an intense shade in comparison to your complexion, as it will give more definition. However, ensure you only apply just a tiny amount.’


Lipstick is an essential component of our collection of cosmetics. Indeed our makeup would be incomplete without it. But did you know lipstick can be used to replace other products for beauty?

Yes! Yes, ladies. Lipsticks need not only need to be applied to the lips. It can be used to cover up eye shadow , and even contour. Let’s find out if women can make a perfect shape in the face using lipstick!

Choose A Brown Shade

If you are a fan of neutral makeup shades You’d definitely own an assortment of brown lipsticks. Since the majority of women choose the shade of lipstick that will match their skin tones. There is a greater chance that you’ll have the correct brown shade to make perfect contour lines.

Contouring can be achieved with just one hue of brown. If you have light and dark hues, it is possible to draw the perfect contour with only a little effort. This will highlight your highlights to the max.

Make use of a lipstick with cream Texture

A lipstick’s texture is a crucial aspect to think about. If the lipstick has a smooth texture, like other cosmetics the lines of contouring will blend seamlessly. The lipstick will not appear uneven.


But, if you apply matte or glossy lipstick, you may not achieve the clarity you’re looking for. They may not be able to blend into the other makeup you wear. Therefore, prior to deciding to shape your face, you need to consider the texture of the lipstick into account.

Locate The Contouring Points or The Section On Your Face


For a flawless contour, you need to know the areas of your face where require the product. If you don’t select the correct place, you could not be able to achieve the perfect look. Jawlines, cheeks, and forehead are the areas that you use the contour.

Women who want to add more definition can draw lines with lipstick. If you want to create a natural appearance it is easy to draw tiny dots on the contouring lines.

Make Use Of A Damp Sponge

If you’re using lipsticks to shape your face, apply a moist beauty blender. Women frequently make the mistake of applying the lipstick using a dry sponge which is not effective. Instead, it creates messy mess.

If you make use of the dampness of a sponge in blending dots and lines the dots and lines, it will help to create the perfect contour. You’ll get the perfect shadow effect and you won’t miss failing to draw the contour.


This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply lipstick as contouring:

1. Select the appropriate shade

This is, of course the most crucial aspect of any makeup step. You don’t want your contour to appear too dark or light. Select a cool brown color and don’t spend the following two hours to blend the entire thing.

2. Begin applying

When you’re ready with your brown lipstick, begin applying it along the side of your nose, underneath your cheekbones on your hairline, beneath your lower lip, and then on the neckline of your jawline. It might look like a bit of a fright now however, don’t worry because you’re not alone!

3. Mix it all

If you own a beauty blender make use of it by mixing the rough edges until the lipstick is absorbed into the skin for the appearance of natural. Remember that it’s a lipstick after all, and therefore the more hefty formula may cause it to be a bit difficult to blend.

4. All of it together

Like you would with a contouring cream, you can apply powder to erase any mistakes you made And voila! You are all waiting to be worn!

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