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Spire recovery harassment Laws

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If you’ve ever been harassed by a collection agency, you know it isn’t pleasant. Dealing with a collection agent can be a miserable experience and it can feel like there is nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, there are federal laws that prevent collection agencies from several types of harassment. It’s called the Spire recovery harassment Act and it states specifically what collection agencies can and cannot do when attempting to collect a debt.

Collection agents can only call you between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. If you tell them you don’t want them to call you any more, they must cease and contact you only via mail in the future. Collection agents cannot call you at work if you notify them that your employer doesn’t allow it. They also cannot tell your employer they are a debt collection agency or that they are contacting you to collect a debt. After a collection agent makes an initial phone call to you about your debt, they need to verify it in writing within five days. Once you receive that letter, you have 30 days to demand verification of the debt. If you do request verification, the agency cannot call you again until they have provided that documentation.

Collection agency do not have the right to call you continuously in order to harass you into payment. They cannot use profane or obscene language when they speak to you. They don’t have the right to insult you or anyone else. They can’t threaten to take you to court, sue you, damage your credit rating or garnish your wages – unless they actually intend to do so.

Collection agencies can contact third-parties to try and locate you, but they cannot share any other information with them- and they cannot call third parties repeatedly. Under no circumstances can they tell the third parties that you owe money or how much money you owe.

It’s important to know that the rights and responsibilities of the FDCPA apply to debt collectors, not to original creditors. An original creditor is the person or business you originally purchased goods or services from that you legally owe money. A debt collector is a third party who was assigned the debt by the creditor or who purchased the debt- usually for pennies on the dollar. Lawyers for debt collectors are also bound by the FDCPA.

For the most part, having a phone is a really good thing. After all, there are few better ways to stay connected with friends, family, and the world at large. But one thing about having a phone that’s not good is having to deal with harassing calls. Whether it’s annoying telemarketers, childish pranksters, or any other form of unwanted, unknown call, if you’ve been receiving. Such calls you only know one thing-you wish they would stop. Thankfully, by using telemarketer complaint sites, you can learn more about. Those mysterious calls, and thus start taking back control of your phone line.

Telemarketer complaint sites

Telemarketer complaint sites are a special kind of website that. Help users share valuable information about strange phone numbers and harassing calls. When you visit a telemarketer complaint site, the first thing you should do is search the existing complaint database. For mentions of the phone number you’re dealing with. This way, you can quickly learn what information are assume about the number you’re dealing with. This can potentially include valuable facts, like how to get on a do-not-call list. Or the name and address of the phone’s owner.

Cumulative effect

The next step in using the telemarketer complaint site is to lodge a complaint yourself. These websites work by cumulative effect. That means that the more people that report harassing calls. The better the odds are that the site will be able to help defend against those particular numbers. Plus, in some situations, complaints is pass on to authorities responsible for checking up on telemarketers. That means that if a company’s sales tactics have become illegally extreme. 


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