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Some Enduring Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom

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Are you planning for a bathroom makeover? Are you thinking of new ideas? If tiling is one of them, you are good to go. There are many options available for tiles these days. The concept of the tiling is no more like before. People looked only at durability and anti-skid properties before, but now there is a huge turnover. Humans look for designs, patterns, fashion, and beauty to complement their restrooms. Are you one of them too? Why not? The most genius ideas come when you are in the bathroom. 

 Recommendations for your latest bathroom revamp

Ideas for your bathroom can stem from analysing the space and drawing your imagination. You might also think of the different colours and textures that you want. How about creating a pattern in the washroom? There is a huge versatility when it comes to tiling the bathroom space. You can innovate the way you want. It is not just limited to floors; you can also extend it to the walls to match your desired theme. Many stores provide the finest quality tiles. Ceramic tile imports supply bathroom tiles in Melbourne for all indoor and outdoor needs. They offer a premium range of products that best finish your interior design. So, if you live in nearby locations, visiting their tile store can be of use to you. You will not only get alternatives but also will be mesmerised to see what they got. Tile selection can be difficult, as your choice can make the space look big or small. Here are some ideas to help you select tiles for a bathroom:

  • Choosing colour combination – Are you planning for the same tiles on the floor and walls? Have you visioned the look? Not that appealing, though! After all, why use the same ones when you can mix and create a look with different colours? Choosing two to three different shades or hues can be a perfect combo. This unique look can be a show-stealer. Selecting bold colours for the main wall and complimenting the rest with a subtle tone can highlight your restroom.
  • Type of tiles – Tiles have their own charm. Their rustic vibe can give a contemporary feel to the entire space. For instance, going for a mosaic wall with a plain floor and other walls can catch attention. How about putting wooden or marble look-alike tiles? They are exclusive and exude a sense of proximity to nature and serenity. Remember, a bathroom should be a place where you can enjoy and relax – so, explore for more kinds of tiles available in the market.
  • Go for patterns – Patterned tiles are in trend. It is an amazing innovation that the ceramic industry has. Geometric patterns, floral, et al., are some patterns that you can opt for. There is an immense variety of sizes, designs, and colours to select from. Also, it gives you an opportunity to design it your way. An important thing to keep in mind before installing patterns is — it either needs to be on the floor or the wall – too many patterns can make the space look clumsy. You can create lovely high and low design points by mixing patterns and solids.
  • Going for a dark décor – Is bright shade not your choice? Are you bored of neutral hues? Then you have darker tones to woo you. It looks elegant and classy when accompanied by matt finishes. Navy blue, dark greys, browns, and blacks are some best tones used for bathroom floor tiles. With this, you can also maintain your budget as it involves long slabs of undesigned sheets.

Tile collections are affordable and easy to apply. And no doubt, they are beautiful too. Exploring some ideas over the internet can be of great help. Do you now have a picture in your mind of your restroom? Turn it to reality with proper execution and selection. Adhere to the above pointers to create charm so that one can’t take their eyes off!

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