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Sofa Ideas For Small Living Spaces

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As with our living room ideas for small spaces, there are a lot of options. Certain will depend on the type of sofa you select by opting for a more compact ‘loveseat ‘ or a more cuddly sofa, as opposed to a three-seater, for instance. You can also choose a sofa with a slim design or without arms.

Smart sofa designs for small living spaces as well as small space

In case you weren’t aware you’re British living space is shrinking. Studies show that living spaces in new houses are 1/3 smaller than similar homes constructed during the 70s. In addition, with the rise in house prices, 20% of the UK population lives in privately rented housing according to a recent analysis.

It doesn’t matter if it’s couples, families, or roommates, there’s a need for living spaces to serve as more than an area to relax these rooms can serve as offices, study areas, dining spaces, or play areas.

These realities are enticing sofa makers such as Sofa.com and DFS to design designs that can be incorporated into tiny living spaces and can be easily maneuvered into or out of rental homes. In the present, tiny sofas are a big deal.

Avoid chunky sofa arms

These sofas in the Scandi style from Nordic House are refined, elegant… as well as ideal for small spaces. The north European design is the perfect way to decorate a small living space. White and grey shades keep the room fresh and airy and the absence of oversized armchairs will give the space.

The corner sofa can be the focal point

This is known as the ‘go large and go back home’ method of sofa designs for small living spaces. Make sure everyone is seated by just one piece of furniture with the help of the corner sofa.

It creates a cozy seating space that could be further arranged by adding the addition of an ottoman or two to make the circle. To get more exclusive updates about Interior design visit https://homedesign.co.uk/ It should be set around a focal point – the idea of a fireplace that is strong or the TV should you need to…

Make a couch under the window

If you’re unable to find the perfect sofa for a space that is awkwardly designed customizing your furniture is the ideal choice. It was not expensive.

A local carpenter ought to be able to construct the foundations of a built-in sofa seat. Custom-made seats are another affordable charge. By adding drawers below, you can create the perfect living room storage solution for the tiny space.

Make the switch from sofas to armchairs

How do you squeeze into one sofa when you can provide more seating space for a trio of armchairs by using three?

The arrangement of them around a coffee or chest table encourages conversation. It’s possible to have a lot of pleasure here by selecting the most comfortable armchairs available in various designs and colors.

Try to create an aesthetic thread that runs through the various designs you’ll end up with your living space appearing like a showroom for furniture. It could be a color scheme – like, different colors of blue. This could also refer to the design of your chairs classical and curvy modern and upholstered or modern square.

Put a classic sofa in the bay window

Love seats are the perfect bay window concept. They also work well in an alcove or any other space that can’t fit a traditional two-seater couch according to Aissa Gonzalez, the product purchasing and development director. The majority of our sofas are between 135cm and 110cm wide however we can go as high as 162cm in width.’

It allows you to move more space that is larger than an armchair sofa tricked the eye into making it appear bigger than it is and also frees space for a side table or an overhead lamp. The only things you require are tea biscuits, tea, and a good read.

Choose the sofa or love seat that’s not larger.

There may not be enough space in your home to stretch out however, you can create a relaxing seating experience by going deeper. The Love seat can be the ideal place to relax according to Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf.

We make ours extra wide so that there’s ample space to relax and unwind. Include an incredibly comfortable cushion filled with feathers as well as a scatter cushion that is plump and you’ll have a space that’s warm and comfortable.

The looser weave of this vintage linen cover enhances the laid-back style; the fabric is pulled through multiple times to create a soft and gorgeously uneven color which is wonderfully matched with the relaxed vibe.’

Make sure you have the right proportions

It’s not just the sofa’s dimensions that matter, but the shape is important also and you might find there are more seats than you expected. A large piece of furniture, such as sofas can be able to overwhelm a smaller area, so it’s essential to keep this in mind when searching for one’ Kate Tansley, creative director at Multiyork.

The option of choosing a smaller size using a fixed back, instead of pillows and small arms will give an elegant, clear design, creating an illusion of the space as well as order.’

Select a slim-profile small sofa

Get to know Tom in Tom from the DFS So Simple collection – A line of sofas specifically made for homes with limited space. We love his crisp lines and sleek industrial style. They are not only ideal for those who love retro or Scandi design, but they also do not have the mass appeal of other styles.

The limited selection offers enough options, but not too much, ideal for those who are indecisive or need an organized guide. The petite proportions make sofas ideal to add seating in open-plan spaces as well as extensions. A footstool with a matching design can create a movable chaise as well.

Maximize the value of the details

Attention to the smallest aspects like the hand-tied button makes a sofa more special. The design is a nod to traditional design, however in a contemporary and stylish manner as described by Ideal Home’s Amy Cutmore.

The buttoned detail gives the feeling of tradition which when combined with the petite curvaceous shape and neutral color creates a comfortable design for a modern, rustic living room that’s a little tight in terms of space.’

Keep in mind that small could still be a statement

“I am awed by the impact the bold floral prints can have on a space according to Megan Holloway of Sofa Workshop. The right print can bring the right amount of color to neutral hues or add drama to the dark walls.’ Click Here now to order your Furniture. Large-scale prints can be eye-catching however they’re not suitable for all. If you’re looking for a less delicate style, you can use the prints on the smaller furniture, as this compact sofa, or opt for small-scale patterns with tonal shades in addition to plain fabrics.’

Stay bright and light in white

It’s no secret that white as a living room color is the most popular color scheme for smaller spaces. So, if you’re seeking the perfect sofa for your smaller space, logic would recommend that a white sofa would be the best choice.

It is a good choice however we’d suggest enhancing the impact you create by combining white walls to blend everything, bright and airy.

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