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Sharon Deflorio Offers Few Tips That Can Help People Gain Success at Work

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Success at Work

After a person graduates from college and lands a job, their next concern would be how to gain success in their career. The world has become immensely competitive. Not everyone is able to have a successful career like Sharon Deflorio. Sharon is a business development executive from Norwalk, CT.  She was an Executive Compensation Analysts at Xerox. Prior to that, she was the Senior Corporate paralegal at Terex Corporation.  With the right approach and dedication, one can surely have a successful career path like Sharon. After all, career advancement is an important goal for all professionals.

Sharon Deflorio offers a few helpful insights on having a successful career

Anyone desiring to have a successful career must be willing to work hard. “Action follows intention” is a popular phrase. It underlines that to climb the ladder of success; one has to be willing to do what it takes to get there. This may sound like a small thing, but the willingness to work hard and persist actually has a huge impact on any career. A hard worker with adequate dedication and persistence will always stand out from the rest.  If someone does not have the willingness to work hard in their career, then there is a good chance that they are on the wrong path.

One must understand that the career requirements of today are pretty high. Thinking out of the box, taking risks, and exploring new opportunities have become important to achieving success today. The commercial landscape is immensely competitive currently. Employers mostly look for individuals who can bring new, innovative ideas to the table and take initiative. People having the capability to start new projects have greater odds of having amazing careers.

To succeed in a career and in life in general, one always has to try to keep improving. They should not settle for just good enough. Committing to self-improvement is important to have a successful career and satisfying life. This does not mean that one has to be constantly self-critical. They should surely be kind to themselves. But it is equally important to recognize the areas of life and work that could use a bit of improvement. People must have the dedication to take the required action on managing their weaknesses. At the same time, one needs to be aware of their strengths and try to hone them.

Awareness is an important aspect of personal improvement. Continuing to work and grow has more benefits than just making a person a more well-rounded employee or entrepreneur. It helps them to become more flexible mentally and be in a position to positively deal with changes in life. Change is the only real constant, and hence, self-improvement is an important practice.

All successful individuals, including Sharon Deflorio, maintain quite a dedicated approach. They are hard workers and innovative thinkers. Success does not come in a single day for most. People need to be patient and persist in it. With time, they are quite likely to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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