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Selin Sakarcan On How to Deal with Sweaty Feet

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Selin Sakarcan

Sweaty feet are a significant source of embarrassment to many people. The feeling of your socks soaked with sweat or damp feet is very distracting and uncomfortable. However, to arrest the problem, you need to know what causes sweaty feet to prevent it, and in case the issue does not go away, you need to know when to consult a doctor. 

Selin Sakarcanidentify the common causes of sweaty feet 

  • Selin Sakarcan is from a Turkish American home, and she loves her culture a lot. She fosters a deep love for languages, and this only got deeper as she grew up. She began to study French in school. This decision prompted her to embrace it as a major in college, with neuroscience and a distinction in molecular and cellular neuroscience.
  • She is a podiatric physician and a surgeon for feet and ankle health. In the past was the President of The Turkish Student Association and served as a public relations officer with The American Medical Student Association at Temple University. Recently, she was accepted to the Harvard Macy Institute for the 2020 Program for trainees in the post-graduate course for Future Academic Clinician Educators. 
  • She is now working on creating a non-profit in New Haven, Connecticut, with the name Back on my Feet, and is an athlete who engages in diverse sports and regularly runs in marathons. 
  • According to her, if your feet are trapped in shoes and socks for a very long time, they do not get airflow to breathe. Stress and nervousness are the common causes of sweaty feet. If you experience sweaty feet for the above reasons, you should not view it as a significant health concern. However, there is a condition known as hyperhidrosis that affects about 2% to 5% of the population in the USA.
  • People with this condition sweat excessively in areas like the armpits, hands, face, and feet. For instance, your feet and socks are drenched even if you have not exercised. Those with this condition will have sweat drip from their feet. People with hyperhidrosis suffer from medical conditions like cancer, menopause, thyroid disorders, and more. In some cases, it can be a rare heredity disorder. 
  • According to Selin Sakarcanyou can wear breathable socks available in the market to permit the moisture and the heat to move away from the feet. This, in turn, helps you regulate the body temperature to reduce sweating. The best socks that you can wear for sweaty feet are made from merino wool and polyester. 

When buying stockings for your feet, you should avoid wearing socks made from cotton as they trap the air in your feet and make them sweaty. You should wear clothes made from mesh or canvas, as they are ideal fabrics that help you dry quickly. Make sure you keep an extra pair of socks with you. This allows you to keep your feet dry and free from sweat. What are you waiting for? Check out the stockings today. 

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