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See how blockchain technology is revolutionising the realm of education?

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According to a forecast of a data management tool, blockchain technology is disrupting an extensive range of industries. Blockchain makes sensitive data more secure as well as shareable. With the utilization of blockchain, your sensitive data remains out of third party hands but stays in users’ hands. In the education ecosystem, blockchain helps in securing and sharing educational credentials. It accelerates the knowledge transfer process and streamlines job hiring procedures. Both students and educators can be beneficial from implementing blockchain. With the help of blockchain encrypted QR codes, users can secure their sensitive data impeccably. Read this blog to explore how blockchain can revolutionize the education sector.


What is blockchain technology?


Blockchain is a distributed ledger and database that stores permanent blocks of information like transaction history in a specific community. Blockchain allows users to send and get only relevant information to particular parties. Every party gets a copy of the information. The platform of blockchain helps in keeping data private. Blockchains’ decentralized infrastructure can offer benefits to education.


What are the advantages of blockchain technology?


The advantages that blockchain offers are:


> Trust and reliability

> Transparency

> Immutability and security

> Privacy

> Encryption

> Disintermediation


How can blockchain revolutionise the education sector?


Have a look at how this technology can transform the arena of the education sector:

a) Store permanent records of data


Blockchain stores records in a permanent way. Valuable educational credentials such as course certificates and degrees can be well-secured & verified. If an education institution closes down or a complete system of education disintegrates, the certificates can be verifiable against those records kept in the blockchain. If an educational institute issues an educational certificate, they are not required to spend additional resources for confirming the validity of certificates to third parties. Verification of certificates can be done directly on the blockchain. QR code certificate verification method can aid in verifying the certificates.


b) Can reform the current education model


Students of today’s era get education in both formal as well as informal learning settings. The centralised education model of the current learning environment is not sustainable. Blockchain technology can permit for complete disintermediation of higher education. The system of ” Micro-accreditation” via blockchain can also allow hassle-free validation along with the transfer of education credentials and skills.


c) Provides ownership of learning to students


Blockchain lets the personal data remain “personal”. Pupils can easily gain control as well as ownership of their education records which include portfolios and accreditation of work. These are easily accessible to persons who require to verify it that too for a lifetime. So, individual learners can own, manage & share all details of credentials without the requirement of any educational institution as a reliable intermediary. Blockchain encrypted QR code allows you to secure your education credentials most securely.


So you have seen how blockchain is striding toward the education sector. The education sector can get significant benefits by utilizing blockchain technology to the fullest. Blockchain encrypted QR codes can protect fake certificates. Automated verification can also take place with no monitoring authority. We hope in the next few years more educational institutes to embrace blockchain tech.

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