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Salient Features That Any Good Quality Surveillance Camera System Should Have

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Selecting the right surveillance camera is an important decision. You are selecting the right system that can secure your premises. This choice can never be made randomly. You need to consider the technical specs of different systems available in the market.

You can also speak to the technical person before making your choice. You can look around for “surveillance camera” features online. Professional security camera installation services can offer consultation free of cost to help you select the right system for your premises.

If you decide to do the purchasing on your own, then you need to get familiar with the features that can make a difference.

Storage slot card

Any surveillance camera is designed to store captured images. This means that surveillance camera units today are already equipped with an SD card slot. SD card slot is a really important factor in surveillance cameras. Present time CCTV units should have this feature. The slot can also accommodate multiple memory cards so the video feeds and images can be stored in real-time. 

Always ensure that you have checked the memory card capacity that can be installed in the camera. In general, it is advisable to look around for one that has at least 128 GB slot capacity. Anything less than that and you will have to keep taking back up every day.

Tilt and Pan aspects

Do you need a camera that will record the images from a fixed position? You also have the convenience to select a camera that can be rotated through different angles. The top-rated camera can be rotated through a 360 Degree angle.

It certainly does depend on the place where the camera will install. It is not possible to install all types of cameras in any location.

Quality of image

Are you interested in saving some money? Then you may have to compromise with the image quality. If the camera is expensive then it will capture HD quality images. Look around for one that offers a minimum of 1080 by 720 Pixel image quality. The Quality of an image depends upon the resolution of camera lenses which gives perfect surveillance.

It is always more effective to invest money in a camera that offers High-Resolution image quality. The picture quality should be best for still and video images. A quality camera will also offer the same image quality in dim light conditions.

Sensor devices

It is not possible to keep the camera clicking images when nothing is happening outdoors. if you have to control the camera to switch on and off using the remote control, then you may miss out on all action as it happens.

This is why present time cameras are installed with motion-detecting sensors. The moment the sensor detects motion, it automatically starts with the recording process. This feature is essential as you may never miss out on any action as it happens. 

Finally, it is also important to consider the installation and set-up features. If you are not a technical person, then you can consult a professional team to help you make the right choice.


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