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Reverse EIN Lookup

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Reverse EIN Lookup


EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. It is a unique identification number. This number is issued by the company or organization. It can be used for the identification purpose of any employee who needs to file a tax return.

EIN Number in Virginia? in order to get an EIN or Employer Identification Number, you must have SSN or ITIN number. EIN is only difficult for a foreign individual to obtain some wonder how to get EIN without having SSN.

Why do you need EIN?

Every business in the United States of America needs an EIN (Employer Identification Number). This EIN number help you to conduct financial, legal, and business activities. This also includes filing business taxes, payroll for your employees, opening a business bank account, applying for a small business loan, or permits.

An EIN is mandatory for your business in the United States. Following are the requirement for the EIN:

  • If the business has employees
  • The business has files of tax returns such as Employment, Excise, or Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  • The business exists as a partnership or corporation
  • If the business has a Keogh plan
  • The business holds tax on income, without any wages, or a non-resident alien

How to Look Up your EIN?

EIN number is written on your business documents, however, if you can’t find it easily, below is a simple guide where you can search for it:

  • EIN number will be on your EIN confirmation letter. You should save a copy of this confirmation letter (that is sent to you via email, fax, or mail). Clearly, this is the easiest way to find your EIN number.
  • You may find your EIN number on your business tax returns, business license, business credit report, or payroll.

However, if you are unlucky to find your EIN number through any of the above methods, you will need to call the helpline number. LLC formation in California. They are available on working days from 7 am to 7 pm.

Definitely, before a representative gives you your EIN number, you need to verify your identity. Furthermore, you need to provide sensitive information such as SSN (Social Security Number).

How do you get a copy of your EIN Confirmation Letter?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t get a copy of your confirmation letter. This letter can only be issued to you one time.

However, the IRS can’t give you a copy of your EIN confirmation letter. But they can provide you with an EIN letter which is almost relevant to an EIN verification. Many banks or other financial institutions will accept this letter if it is in the place of the original confirmation letter.

Additionally, the IRS will only send an EIN verification letter via mail or fax. But they won’t email it.

Note: if you accept your EIN verification via mail, it can take four to six weeks, whereas via fax will be sent to you while you are still on the phone.

Reverse EIN Lookup:

In some cases, a person will have a company’s EIN but he has no idea which company is associated with it. In this case, what you can do is to go for a reverse EIN lookup.

Reverse EIN (Employer Identification Number) lookup means that by using an EIN number you can easily look up the company it belongs to rather than going for the other way around. However, depending on the numbers you need to look up. It may cost you a lot of money.




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